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Pleasure Man

Corey Johnson Author

Laughing in Rank and File

Daryl Talbot Author

Steam and Shadow

Grayson Cole Author

The Death of America

Robert L. Stevens Author

Theodore in the Dark

William T. Bix Author

Maxie Thermopolis or Don'T...

Alan G. Wasenius Author

Sweet Chaos

Shana Congrove Author

Angel Wing Begonias

Bucky Williams—Hooker PhD Author

Jericho Ruined

Ceaira Mitchell Author

Angry Haunting

MaryAnthi Dielmann Author

Oako's Heart of Gold

Sandra C Addis Author
Raquel Rodriguez Illustrator

A Disconnected Heart

C. G. Gardiner Author

Empress Hiding

Y. M. Roger Author


DL Taylor Author

Friendly Betrayal

José Antonio López Author

The Sketcher

Leeia Henderson Author

How Sir Donkey Legs Became a...

William Ennis Author
Dwight Nacaytuna Illustrator

Banana Bubblegum

Melody Ortenburger Suppes Author

Beware the Demagogue!

Edward John Mastronardi Author

Eloise the Vampire Lover

Gordon D. Jensen Author

God Made Me

Zach Alexander Author

The Renaissance of Aspirin

Glenn Parris Author

Angels of the Second Earth Age

Mike Montgomery Author


Anton Stone Author

Bad Sex Good Love

Cornell Richards Author


William D. Ogle Author

A Park Heights Tale

Kevin Miller Author

A Shift in the Stars

Dr. Antonio Carvajal Author
Marlon Jensen Author


Doctor Jonny Author

Currents of Sin

Arleen Alleman Author

As the Oil Flows

Cyrus Author

A Life in 4

Cheryl Hyatt Author

Dr. Donna, D.D.S.

Jeff Hockenheimer Author
Dale Daunie Illustrator

Willow Whisp and the Lee Project

Elizabeth Trombley Author

The Keepers Wife

John Hatch Author


Nichelle Wroten Lee Author

What Do You Really Want?

Roland Boike Author

Another Disturbance II

Mya De'Ann Author

Uncle Wills Hail Town

Wilbur Thornton Author

Chirper in Chief

Tinker Bell Author

Cold Creek

James O'Neil Author

The Magic Poof

T. Kyle Gentry Illustrator
Stephen Hodges Author

Sorry, the Number You Dialed...

Ed Merwede Author

Why Men Are Like Dogs and...

Nanette L. Charron Author


James Campbell Author

Run Away

Kitt Foxx Author

Beyond Terror

Raoul D. Revord Esq Author