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N.K.Beckley Author

Ahnenerbe Xxi

Svetlana Polak Author

A Novel of Sterling Quality

Barbara Wyckoff Author


Wolfgang Rauner Author

Manny and John

Keith Ouzts Author

Onesie Delilah

Diane Miller Author

The Horrible Void Between the...

Dr. Clifton Wilcox Author

Out of the Shadows

David J. Fogarty Author

Countdown to Atomgeddon

James Howell Author

The Life of Ann Mcmahon

Pietro Colonna-Romano Author

The Eternal Life Ministry of...

R. J. R. Rockwood Author

Ella Warner Us Marshal

JL Pendland Author

The Little Woodhauler

Debby Emel Illustrator
Larry Bradford Author

A Second Samaritan

Richard A. Pereira Author

Ghost Whispers

Jean Ann McLaughlin Author

The Divine Most High

Jerrold Banks Author

Fire over Calpe

James M. Anderson Author


Anoush Baghdassarian Author

A Thousand Years Will Pass

Carol Corinne Morgan Author

Many Roads Traveled

Tommie Morton-Young Author

A Crust of Bread

S. Earl Wilson III Author

Love Through All Strife

J. P. Hogan Author

Secrets, Lovers & Lies

Natasha Author

The Pirate Revolutionary

Anthony Jenkinson Author

Doubt Thou the Stars Are Fire

Alisha Yowell Author

''Autumn Winds over Okinawa,...

Pelham Kenneth Mead III Author

La Casa De La Noche

Maria Martha Calvo Author

Fort Huff, 1760

Garry Huff Author

Dark Against the Sky

Stephen B. Hauge Author
Cathleen Thole-Daniels Illustrator

The Adventure of Bai Bureh of...

Ibrahim Arolyn N. Koroma Author

Thorns of a Tainted Rose

Ross Osborn Author

Cedar Birds

David McGehee Author

Never Throw Stones at God

Azim Mujakic Author
Rifet Obic Illustrator

Georgie, Angel of Cell-Block Six

Carol O'Brien Author

Wild Nights

Ruth Wolff Author

Other Echoes

Penny Bloodhart Author

I'Ll Never Tell

Helen Lavinia Underwood Author

Shadows in America

Janet L. Freeman Author

Of Sterling Quality

Barbara L. Wyckoff Author

The Miracles of Elizabeth

Juanita Sterling Author

Good Lil' Boys and Girls from...

Sharon Hunt Author

A New Tomorrow

Belle Estep Author

The Golden Nugget

N.K. Beckley Author

The Lions Revenge

Kefira Bar-Golani Author

The Quonset in Tutujan

C. Sablan Gault Author

Amani's River

David Hartness Author


Carlos Sanz Author

Inside the Barbary Coast

David Jensen Author