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Emotions and Thoughts

George Mckinney Author

No Pink Concept

Peter B. Griggs Author

A Beautiful Choice

Gabriela Pattison Author


Mark A. White Author

Wisdom Devotional for...

Clyde J Jones Author

How to Save a Troubled...

Gaines Bradford Jackson Author

Practical Tips on Child...

Nathan E. Effik Author

The Unspoken Words

Julian V. Crosby Sr. Author

The Challenges Men & Women...

Mr. Paul Godfrey Author

Undefeated Michael Brunner

Mildred Trautman Bunn Author

A Ride to School with Daddy

Tonya Simmons Author

"I Don't Know, but I've Been...

Ben Benfield Author


Connie Lloyd Author

How to Find a Good, Christian...

Harold D. Edmunds Author

Who Will Care for You in Your...

John Hemphill Author

Cuidado: Matrimonio en Zona...

Dr. Leo E. Guerrero, PhD Author

I Now Pronounce You. . .What?

Debbie E. Hardy Author

I Don't Talk to Earthlings

R.J.R. Rockwood Author

About a Boy Named Trey

Trevae Evans Author
Mark Ruben Abacajan Illustrator

My Family

Dr. Cynthia Thomas Author
Lee Miller Illustrator

Missing Zelda

Edwin B. Feldman Author

My MIlitary Mom

Danielle Sinclair Author

Courage of the Heart

Christine Chatterton Author

The Light-Skin Trigger

Clarence E. Freeman Author

Raising Children Today Is a Job

Patricia Solomon Author

November 8th

Val Henderson Author

Hearts Retrieved

Yisraella AthenaNechole Tsavtarides Author
Christina Nechole Tsavtarides Illustrator

Love Overpowers Everything

Ingrid V. Hogan Author

The Anatomy of a Healthy...

Dr. Ismail Yassai Author

A Real Life Sequal

Allison Chayka Author

Don't Run the Stop Signs

Derek Thomas Author


Allan G. Hedberg, PhD Author

How to Stay Married for 50 Years

Joseph J Dougherty Author

What Makes Love True?

Dr. Michael Dr. Michael Herbert Author

My Lifelong Friends

DH Park Author