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Intent to Deceive

Linda Melvern Author


Emma Dowling Author

The Invisible History

Karma Nabulsi Author

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Maurice Godelier Author
Nora Scott Translator


Griselda Pollock Author

The Tailor of Ulm

Lucio Magri Author

Cities Under Siege

Stephen Graham Author

In Praise of Disobedience

Oscar Wilde Author
Neil Bartlett Author of introduction, etc.

The Lives of Michel Foucault

David Macey Author

After Geoengineering

Holly Buck Author

Lights in the Distance

Daniel Trilling Author

Eugene V. Debs

Noah Van Sciver Illustrator
Paul Buhle Author

Old Gods, New Enigmas

Mike Davis Author

Will and Testament

Vigdis Hjorth Author
Charlotte Barslund Translator

How to Be an Anticapitalist...

Erik Olin Wright Author

The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg

Klaus Gietinger Author


Spain Rodriguez Author
Paul Buhle Editor

Liberalism at Large

Alexander Zevin Author

In the Tracks of Historical...

Perry Anderson Author

Street Fighting Years

Tariq Ali Author

The Putney Debates

The Levellers Author
Philip Baker Editor

The Security Principle

Frederic Gros Author

Stone Men

Andrew Ross Author

Deport, Deprive, Extradite

Nisha Kapoor Author

Paradise Rot

Jenny Hval Author
Marjam Idriss Translator

Pink Triangles

Pam Mitchell Author

The New Faces of Fascism

Enzo Traverso Author

Betraying Big Brother

Leta Hong Fincher Author

Being Numerous

Natasha Lennard Author

Reclaiming the Black Past

Pero G. Dagbovie Author

Foucault's Analysis of Modern...

Thomas Lemke Author


Ed Morales Author

Municipal Dreams

John Boughton Author

More Brilliant than the Sun

Kodwo Eshun Author

Rosa Luxemburg

J.P. Nettl Author

The Common Wind

Julius S. Scott Author
Marcus Rediker Author of introduction, etc.

The Knowledge Economy

Roberto Mangabeira Unger Author

The Other

Ryszard Kapuscinski Author
Neal Ascherson Author of introduction, etc.

Minima Moralia

Radical Thinkers (Series)

Theodor Adorno Author

Really Existing Nationalisms

Radical Thinkers (Series)

Erica Benner Author

On Karl Marx

Radical Thinkers (Series)

Ernst Bloch Author
John Maxwell Translator

A Vindication of the Rights...

Mary Wollstonecraft Author

Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Aaron Bastani Author

Sociology, Capitalism, Critique

Hartmut Rosa Author
Stephan Lessenich Author

Future Histories

Lizzie O'Shea Author


Jodi Dean Author

We Have Never Been Middle Class

Hadas Weiss Author

In the Mind But Not From There

Gean Moreno Author