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China MiƩville Author

Outsider in the White House

Senator Bernie Sanders Author
John Nichols Author of afterword, colophon, etc.

The Rise of Islamic State

Patrick Cockburn Author


Karen Fields Author
Barbara J. Fields Author

Boy 30529

Felix Weinberg Author

A Book of Migrations

Rebecca Solnit Author

A People's History of the World

Chris Harman Author

The Girl Who Stole My Holocaust

Noam Chayut Author
Tal Haran Translator

Grand Hotel Abyss

Stuart Jeffries Author


Anabel Hernandez Author
Roberto Saviano Author of introduction, etc.

City of Quartz

Mike Davis Author
Robert Morrow Other

The Beast

Oscar Martinez Author
Francisco Goldman Author of introduction, etc.

The Seasons of Trouble

Rohini Mohan Author

The Killing of Osama Bin Laden

Seymour M. Hersh Author

The Invention of the Jewish...

Shlomo Sand Author
Yael Lotan Translator

A Colossal Wreck

Alexander Cockburn Author


Kate Evans Author

Imagined Communities

Benedict Anderson Author

Futures of Black Radicalism

Gaye Theresa Johnson Editor
Alex Lubin Editor

The Dilemmas of Lenin

Tariq Ali Author

Syria Burning

Charles Glass Author
Patrick Cockburn Author of introduction, etc.

Auschwitz Report

Primo Levi Author
Leonardo De Benedetti Author

Tear Gas

Anna Feigenbaum Author

A People's History of Scotland

Chris Bambery Author


John Berger Author
Tom Overton Editor

In Defense of Housing

Peter Marcuse Author
David Madden Author

A History of Violence

Oscar Martinez Author
Jon Lee Anderson Author of introduction, etc.

The Last Soldiers of the Cold...

Fernando Morais Author

The Shock of the Anthropocene

Christophe Bonneuil Author
Jean-Baptiste Fressoz Author

Utopia or Bust

Jacobin (Series)

Benjamin Kunkel Author

Annihilation of Caste

B.R. Ambedkar Author
Arundhati Roy Author of introduction, etc.

Direct Action

L.A. Kauffman Author

Power Games

Jules Boykoff Author
Dave Zirin Author of introduction, etc.

Paul Robeson

Jordan Goodman Author

Radical Happiness

Lynne Segal Author

The S Word

John Nichols Author

The Age of Jihad

Patrick Cockburn Author

The American Crucible

Robin Blackburn Author

The Prophet

Isaac Deutscher Author

Duty Free Art

Hito Steyerl Author

The Idea of Israel

Ilan Pappe Author

Serve the People

Karen L. Ishizuka Author
Jeff Chang Author of introduction, etc.

Virtue and Terror

Maximilien Robespierre Author
Slavoj Zizek Author of introduction, etc.

Red Flag Unfurled

Ronald Suny Author

The Soviet Century

Moshe Lewin Author
Gregory Elliott Editor


Jonathan Crary Author

Syrian Notebooks

Jonathan Littell Author
Charlotte Mandell Translator

In Defense of Lost Causes

Slavoj Zizek Author