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In Defense of Looting

Vicky Osterweil Author

Brazil at the Precipice

Robery Sean Purdy Author

Time and the Dog

Maria Rita Kehl Author

Night Haunts

Sukhdev Sandhu Author

Anti-Systemic Movements

Giovanni Arrighi Author
Terence K. Hopkins Author

Against Lenin

Leon Trotsky Author

Philosophies of Defeat

Bruno Bosteels Author

Seattle General Strike

Cal Winslow Author


Griselda Pollock Author

The Japanese '68

Gavin Walker Author

The Commonist Manifesto

Benjamin Kunkel Author

Cold War Considerations

Anders Stephanson Author


Emma Dowling Author

Ecology of Fear

Mike Davis Author

Redistribution or Recognition?

Nancy Fraser Author
Axel Honneth Author

Revolution in Our Lifetime

Donna Murch Author

The Rise and Decline of...

Nancy Folbre Author

The Economics of Global...

Robert Brenner Author

Operation Ajax

Mike de Seve Author
Daniel Burwen Illustrator

The End of the NHS

Allyson Pollock Author

Anything But Mexican

Rodolfo F. Acuña Author

Killing for Show

Julian Stallabrass Author

The Danger of American Fascism

John Nichols Author

Intent to Deceive

Linda Melvern Author

More Brilliant than the Sun

Kodwo Eshun Author

Black Radical Tradition

Erin Grey Editor
Asad Haider Editor

Democracy or Bonapartism

Domenico Losurdo Author

All-American Nativism

Jacobin (Series)

Daniel Denvir Author

The Mirror of Production

Jean Baudrillard Author

Born Jewish

Marcel Liebman Author

First We Take Rome

David Broder Author

Samuel Beckett

Pascale Casanova Author

Adorno in Naples

Martin Mittelmeier Author

Lessons on Rousseau

Louis Althusser Author

We Fight Fascists

Daniel Sonabend Author


Maxime Rodinson Author

Potential History

Ariella Azoulay Author

A Vindication of the Rights...

Mary Wollstonecraft Author

The Haitian Revolution

Toussaint L'Ouverture Author
Jean-Bertrand Aristide Author of introduction, etc.

Liberalism at Large

Alexander Zevin Author

The Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson Author

A Planet to Win

Kate Aronoff Author
Alyssa Battistoni Author

Dead Children Playing

Stanley Donwood Author
Dr. Tchock Author


Kate Evans Author

One Man's Terrorist

Daniel Finn Author

The Case for the Green New Deal

Ann Pettifor Author

Hostile Environment

Maya Goodfellow Author

The Morals of the Market

Jessica Whyte Author