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My Time in Space

Tim Robinson Author

McDowell on McDowell

R.B. McDowell Author

Death of a King

Seamus deFaoite Author

Franciscan Ireland

Patrick Conlan Author

Waiting of Billy

Martin Healy Author

A History of Irish Forestry

Eoin Neeson Author

Telling Tales

Penny Perrick Author

Galway of the Races

Robert Lynd Author

Grandmother and Wolfe Tone

Hubert Butler Author

Three Hundred Years of Irish...

Barbara Hayley Editor
Enda McKay Editor

Who's Who in the Irish War of...

Padraic O'Farrell Author

Ireland's Other History

Hector McDonnell Author

The Midnight Court

Gregory A. Schirmer Author

Nothing is Written in Stone

Justin Keating Author

The Third Daughter

Eileen O'Mara Walsh Author

Weather Eye

Brendan McWilliams Author

Tales and Imaginings

Tim Robinson Author

Nobody's Business

Ernie O'Malley Author
Cormac O'Malley Editor

The O'Rahilly

Aodogan O'Rahilly Author

Forgotten Stones

Averil Swinfen Author

With Barry Flanagan

Richard McNeff Author

Goodly Barrow

T.F. O' Sullivan Author

The Burning of Brinseley...

Padraic O' Farrell Author

All the Spangled Host

John A. Ryan Author

The History of Magpies

Desmond Hogan Author

The Boy in the Mask

Dick Benson-Gyles Author

A Delicate Wildness

Julian Vignoles Author

Throttle Full Open

Jane Falloon Author


ÓRFHLAITH Foyle Author

Ireland and the Atlantic...

E. Estyn Evans Editor
Henry Glassie Author

The Last Knight

Robert O'Byrne Author

Humanity Dick Martin

Shevawn Lynam Author

The Personality of Ireland

E. Estyn Evans Author

All Valiant Dust

Peter Ross Author

Setting Foot on the Shores of...

Tim Robinson Author

Breakfast the Night Before

Marjorie Quarton Author

My Generation

Antony Farrell Editor
Vivienne Guinness Editor

Lives Less Ordinary

Judy Kravis Author
Peter Morgan Author

The Early Years of Brian O'Nolan

Ciaran O' Nuallain Author

James Joyce's Dublin Houses

Vivien Igoe Author

A Moriarty Reader

Brendan O'Donoghue Editor

Before the Wax Hardened

Adrian Kenny Author

This Teaching Life

T.J. McElligott Author

Constance Markievicz

Anne Haverty Author

Beckett's Friendship

André Bernold Author
Max McGuinness Translator

Serious Sounds

John Moriarty Author

The Children of Drancy

Hubert Butler Author

The State of Ireland

Arthur O' Connor Author
James Livesay Editor