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Lady Gregory's Toothbrush

Colm Toibin Author

Below Stairs

Mona Hearn Author


Jonathan Shackleton Author

Terror in Ireland 1916-1923

David Fitzpatrick Editor

Visiting Rwanda

Dervla Murphy Author

Dublin Made Me

CS Andrews Author

'Solitary and Wild'

David Fitzpatrick Author

Neutral Ireland and the Third...

John P. Duggan Author

Ireland's Great War

Kevin Myers Author

Occasions of Faith

Lawrence J. Taylor Author

Ten Thousand Saints

Hubert Butler Author

Irish Eccentrics

Peter Somerville-Large Author

The Irish Tradition

Robin Flower Author

Mary Carbery's West Cork Journal

Mary Carbery Editor

Trinity Tales

Kathy Gilfillan Author

Crisis and Decline

R.B. McDowell Author

Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland

K.W. Nicholls Author

No Surrender Here!

Cormac K.H. O'Malley Author

The Irish Art of Controversy

Lucy McDiarmid Author


Michael Kirby Author

Remembering How we Stood

John Ryan Author
J.P. Donleavy Author of introduction, etc.

Vanishing Kingdoms

Walter J.P. Curley Author

Jammet's of Dublin

Alison Maxwell Author

The Amazon Journal of Roger...

Angus Mitchell Editor

The Bible War in Ireland

Irene Whelan Author

Culture and Society in...

Niall Ó Ciosáin Author
John Cunningham Editor

The Great Famine

R. Dudley Edwards Editor
T. Dudley Williams Editor

Eden Halt

Ross Skelton Author

Three Hundred Years of Irish...

Barbara Hayley Editor
Enda McKay Editor

Franciscan Ireland

Patrick Conlan Author

Goodly Barrow

T.F. O' Sullivan Author

Nothing is Written in Stone

Justin Keating Author

Ireland's Other History

Hector McDonnell Author

Forgotten Stones

Averil Swinfen Author

The Last Knight

Robert O'Byrne Author

All Valiant Dust

Peter Ross Author

My Generation

Antony Farrell Editor
Vivienne Guinness Editor

Humanity Dick Martin

Shevawn Lynam Author


Alannah Heather Author

The State of Ireland

Arthur O' Connor Author
James Livesay Editor

Pale Green Light Orange

Niall Rudd Author

Gaelic and Gaelicised Ireland

Kenneth Nicholls Author

The Outer Edge of Ulster

Hugh Dorain Editor

Broken Landscapes

Cormac K.H. O'Malley Author

The Memoirs of Mrs Leeson, Madam

Mary Lyons Editor

Wolfe Tone

Hubert Butler Author

Colonial Consequences

John Wilson Foster Author

The Visitation of God

Austin Bourke Author
Cormac O Grada Editor