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There's No Crying in Newsrooms

Kristin Grady Gilger Author
Julia Wallace Author

Healing with Hemp CBD Oil

Earl Mindell Author
Paul Brion Narrator


Barbara Graziosi Author
Anne Flosnik Narrator

Beyond Behaviors

Mona Delahooke Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator

Recovery of Your Inner Child

Lucia Capacchione Author
Charles L. Whitfield Author of introduction, etc.

Betrayal in Blood

Michael Benson Author
Charles Constant Narrator

Activate Your Vagus Nerve

Navaz Habib Author
Jonathan Yen Narrator

Capital City

Samuel Stein Author
Emily Beresford Narrator

Barnum's Own Story

P. T. Barnum Author
David Colacci Narrator

The Tantrum Survival Guide

Rebecca Schrag Hershberg Author
Daniel J. Siegel Author of introduction, etc.

When You Find My Body

D. Dauphinee Author
Traci Odom Narrator

Palaces of Pleasure

Lee Jackson Author
Liam Gerrard Narrator

Journey to the Dark Goddess

Jane Meredith Author
Zehra Jane Naqvi Narrator

The Prime Number Conspiracy

Thomas Lin Editor
James Gleick Author of introduction, etc.

Love Lies

Amanda Lamb Author
Chloe Cannon Narrator

Spending Time

Daniel S. Hamermesh Author
Erik Bloomquist Narrator

Tales from the Deadball Era

Mark S. Halfon Author
Michael Butler Murray Narrator

Glittering Vices

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung Author
Nan McNamara Narrator

Basics of Resistance

Practical Freedomista (Series)

Book 1

Kit Perez Author
Claire Wolf Author

Dad's Guide to Pregnancy for...

Mathew Miller Author
Sharon Perkins Author

The Fall of Rome

Bryan Ward-Perkins Author
Roger Clark Narrator

Medicare for Dummies

Patricia Barry Author
Suzie Althens Narrator

Working Conjure

Hoodoo Sen Moise Author
Philip Alces Narrator

Paganism in Depth

John Beckett Author
Charles Constant Narrator

Healing Through the Dark...

Miriam Greenspan Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator

Lifelong Kindergarten

Mitchel Resnick Author
Charles Constant Narrator

A History of Pi

Petr Beckmann Author
Stephen R. Thorne Narrator

The Fires of Vesuvius

Mary Beard Author
Phyllida Nash Narrator

Healing Self-Injury

Elizabeth Lloyd-Richardson Author
Janis Whitlock Author

Marx, Capital, and the...

David Harvey Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

Mountains of the Mind

Robert Macfarlane Author
James A. Gillies Narrator

Stand Your Ground

Kelly Brown Douglas Author
Machelle Williams Narrator

Young Castro

Jonathan M. Hansen Author
Timothy Andrés Pabon Narrator

The Shift

Russell A. Carleton Author
Jeff Passan Author of introduction, etc.

Subversive Sabbath

A. J. Swoboda Author
Kyle Tait Narrator

Planet Narnia

Michael Ward Author
Nigel Patterson Narrator


Megan Kimble Author
Sarah Mollo-Christensen Narrator

Are My Kids on Track?

Sissy Goff Author
David Thomas Author

100 Days

Harlan Lebo Author
Tom Perkins Narrator

Super Soldiers

Jason Inman Author
Eric Michael Summerer Narrator

Lowest White Boy

Greg Bottoms Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

Social Security for Dummies

Jonathan Peterson Author
David Marantz Narrator

Women's Work

Elizabeth Wayland Barber Author
Donna Postel Narrator

Why Grow Up?

Susan Neiman Author
Leslie Howard Narrator

The Skillful Teacher

Stephen D. Brookfield Author
Jack de Golia Narrator

Flipping Houses for Dummies

Ralph R. Roberts Author
Joe Kraynak Author of introduction, etc.

Our Non-Christian Nation

Jay Wexler Author
Michael Butler Murray Narrator

Art, Inc.

Lisa Congdon Author
Meg Mateo Ilasco Editor