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The Men on My Couch

Brandy Engler Author
David Rensin Author

Ascent of the A-Word

Geoffrey Nunberg Author
Francis J. Spieler Narrator


Dean Radin Author
Deepak Chopra Author of introduction, etc.

Losing the Nobel Prize

Brian Keating Author
Stephen R. Thorne Narrator


Caitlin C. Gillespie Author
Jennifer M. Dixon Narrator

Happy Together

James O. Pawelski Author
Suzann Pileggi Pawelski Author

Overcoming Borderline...

Valerie Porr Author
Linda A. Dimeff Author of introduction, etc.


Andreas Onnerfors Author
Christa Lewis Narrator


Daniel Tudor Author
James Cameron Stewart Narrator

The Sniper Mind

David Amerland Author
Jonathan Cowley Narrator

The Science of Marijuana

Leslie L. Iverson Author
Shaun Grindell Narrator

The Bedroom

Michelle Perrot Author
Lauren Elkin Translator

On Becoming a Doctor

Tania Heller Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator


Blaine T. Browne Author
Robert C. Cottrell Author

Red Army Sniper

Yevgeni Nikolaev Author
Albrecht Wacker Author of introduction, etc.

The Paranoid Style in...

Richard Hofstadter Author
Sean Wilentz Author of introduction, etc.

To Light a Sacred Flame

Silver RavenWolf Author
Pam Ward Narrator

Not Enough

Samuel Moyn Author
Stephen Bel Davies Narrator

Policing Saigon

Loren W. Christensen Author
Peter Berkrot Narrator

Praying the Scriptures for...

Jodie Berndt Author
Fern Nichols Author of introduction, etc.

If Your Adolescent Has ADHD

Linda Wasmer Andrews Author
Thomas J. Power Author

The Great Alignment

Alan I. Abramowitz Author
Paul Heitsch Narrator

The Dangers of Christian...

Lauren F. Winner Author
Tavia Gilbert Narrator

Brooklyn in Love

Amy Thomas Author
Cassandra Campbell Narrator

Dr. Z

Paul Zimmerman Author
Peter King Editor

101 Answers for New Teachers...

Annette Breaux Author
Lisa Flanagan Narrator

The Revolutionary Trauma...

David Berceli Author
Robert Scaer Author of introduction, etc.

You Are Psychic

Sherrie Dillard Author
Celeste Oliva Narrator

Food and Nutrition

P. K. Newby Author
Allyson Ryan Narrator

Bipolar Disorder

Francis Mark Mondimore Author
Barry Abrams Narrator

Wolf Nation

Brenda Peterson Author
Donna Postel Narrator

The Life of the Mind

Hannah Arendt Author
Laural Merlington Narrator

Becoming Human

Michael Tomasello Author
Charles Constant Narrator

We Will Not Go to Tuapse

Fernand Kaisergruber Author
Paul Woodson Narrator

A Slap in the Face

William B. Irvine Author
Johnny Heller Narrator

Living Trusts for Everyone

Ronald Farrington Sharp Author
Timothy Andrés Pabon Narrator

Arctic Homestead

Norma Cobb Author
Charles W. Sasser Author

Lest We Forget

Leo Jenkins Author
Corey M. Snow Narrator


Lauret Savoy Author
Allyson Johnson Narrator

The Imperial Japanese Navy in...

Mark E. Stille Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

On Assimilation

Leo Jenkins Author
Corey M. Snow Narrator

Real Enemies

Kathryn S. Olmsted Author
Marie Hoffman Narrator

The Cloudbuster Nine

Anne R. Keene Author
Claudia Williams Author of introduction, etc.


Nobu Matsuhisa Author
David Shih Narrator

Blessed Are the Weird

Jacob Nordby Author
Jacob Nordby Narrator

There I Go Again

William Daniels Author
Tom Perkins Narrator

Could It Be B12?

Sally M. Pacholok Author
Jeffrey J. Stuart Author

The Gatsby Affair

Kendall Taylor Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator