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101 Essays That Will Change...

Brianna Wiest Author
Abby Craden Narrator

Hope in the Dark

Rebecca Solnit Author
Tanya Eby Narrator


Claudia Rankine Author
Allyson Johnson Narrator

Seven Steps to Managing Your...

Andrew E. Budson Author
Maureen K. O'Connor Author

The Mind Illuminated

Culadasa John Yates Author
Matthew Immergut Author

Psycho USA

Harold Schechter Author
Danny Campbell Narrator

The Smartest Kids in the World

Amanda Ripley Author
Kate Reading Narrator

The Blue Tattoo

Margot Mifflin Author
Kaipo Schwab Narrator

Braving It

James Campbell Author
Roger Wayne Narrator

William Tecumseh Sherman

James Lee McDonough Author
David Drummond Narrator

The Elephant in the Brain

Robin Hanson Author
Kevin Simler Author

The English and Their History

Robert Tombs Author
James Langton Narrator

Drug Dealer, MD

Anna Lembke Author
Callie Beaulieu Narrator

The Hour of Land

Terry Tempest Williams Author
Terry Williams Narrator

Helping Children Succeed

Paul Tough Author
Paul Tough Narrator


Brooke McAlary Author
Larissa Gallagher Narrator

Gathering Moss

Robin Wall Kimmerer Author
Robin Wall Kimmerer Narrator

Call Them by Their True Names

Rebecca Solnit Author
Cassandra Campbell Narrator

The Wait

DeVon Franklin Author
Meagan Good Author

Bind, Torture, Kill

L. Kelly Author
Hurst Laviana Author

Everything is Horrible and...

Stephanie Wittels Wachs Author
Stephanie Wittels Wachs Narrator

The Axeman of New Orleans

Miriam C. Davis Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

Brigham Young

John G. Turner Author
Stephen Hoye Narrator

Thunder in the Mountains

Daniel Sharfstein Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

Running on Empty No More

Jonice Webb Author
Jonice Webb Narrator

The Cooking Gene

Michael W. Twitty Author
Michael W. Twitty Narrator

A Thousand Miles to Freedom

Sebastien Falletti Author
Eunsun Kim Author

American Pain

John Temple Author
Charlie Thurston Narrator

Born Survivors

Wendy Holden Author
Elizabeth Wiley Narrator

F*ck Love

Michael Bennett Author
Sarah Bennett Author

The I-5 Killer

Ann Rule Author
Andy Stack Author

American Ghost

Hannah Nordhaus Author
Xe Sands Narrator

Waking the Tiger

Ann Frederick Author
Peter A. Levine Author

The Medici

Paul Strathern Author
Derek Perkins Narrator

The Dark Net

Jamie Bartlett Author
Matt Bates Narrator


Paul Hawken Editor
Christopher Solimene Narrator

The Only Investment Guide You...

Andrew Tobias Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

This Kind of War

T. R. Fehrenbach Author
Kevin Foley Narrator

The First Muslim

Lesley Hazleton Author
Deepti Gupta Narrator

Redefining Realness

Janet Mock Author
Janet Mock Narrator

Finding Your Own North Star

Martha Beck Author
Karen White Narrator

"All the Real Indians Died Off"

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Author
Dina Gilio-Whitaker Author

The Opposite of Loneliness

Marina Keegan Author
Emily Woo Zeller Narrator

If You're Not First, You're Last

Grant Cardone Author
Grant Cardone Narrator

The Arabs

Eugene Rogan Author
Derek Perkins Narrator

The Sleepwalkers

Christopher Clark Author
Derek Perkins Narrator

Freedom is a Constant Struggle

Angela Y. Davis Author
Angela Davis Narrator

Refuge Recovery

Noah Levine Author
Pete Simonelli Narrator