Arrest-Proof Yourself

Dale C. Carson Author
Wes Denham Author

Rodrigo Duterte

Jonathan Miller Author
Shaun Grindell Narrator

State of Resistance

Manuel Pastor Author
Jonathan Todd Ross Narrator

Prosecuting the President

Andrew Coan Author
Christopher Grove Narrator

Just Giving

Rob Reich Author
Matthew Josdal Narrator

God & Spies

GM Matheny Author
Sean Runnette Narrator

The Age of Reform

Richard Hofstadter Author
Keith Sellon-Wright Narrator

Operation Devil Horns

Michael Santini Author
Ray Bolger Author

The Utopia of Rules

David Graeber Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

Inside the Clinton White House

Russell L. Riley Author
David Drummond Narrator

Real Enemies

Kathryn S. Olmsted Author
Marie Hoffman Narrator


Brooks Jackson Author
Kathleen Hall Jamieson Author

Food from the Radical Center

Gary Paul Nabhan Author
David Colacci Narrator

We the People

Erwin Chemerinsky Author
Peter Berkrot Narrator

A Massacre in Mexico

Anabel Hernandez Author
Rebecca Gibel Narrator

A Peace to End All Peace

David Fromkin Author
David de Vries Narrator

In the Shadow of Korematsu

Eric K. Yamamoto Author
David Shih Narrator

The Captured Economy

Brink Lindsey Author
Steven M. Teles Author

What You Should Know About...

Jessamyn Conrad Author
Teri Schnaubelt Narrator

Urban Forests

Jill Jonnes Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator

Fateful Decisions

Timothy Andrés Pabon Narrator
Loch K. Johnson Editor


David O. Stewart Author
Paul Boehmer Narrator

Democracy at Work

Richard D. Wolff Author
Shawn Compton Narrator


Zachary Kramer Author
Keith Sellon-Wright Narrator

Social Butterflies

Michael Sanders Author
Susannah Hume Author

Nationalism, Marxism, and...

Timothy Snyder Author
Norman Dietz Narrator

Russia Without Putin

Tony Wood Author
John Pruden Narrator

Women and Leadership

Deborah L. Rhode Author
Jo Anna Perrin Narrator


Greg Woolf Author
Liam Gerrard Narrator

Frank and Al

Terry Golway Author
Danny Campbell Narrator

Travelers in the Third Reich

Julia Boyd Author
Christa Lewis Narrator

The Rise and Fall of Peace on...

Michael Mandelbaum Author
David Stifel Narrator

Peace at Last

Guy Cuthbertson Author
Michael Page Narrator

Russell Kirk's Concise Guide...

Russell Kirk Author
Bob Souer Narrator

The Reagans

Anne Edwards Author
Laural Merlington Narrator

The Power of Protest

Brenda Griffing Author
Tavia Gilbert Narrator

Network Propaganda

Yochai Benkler Author
Robert Faris Author

The Code of Putinism

Brian D. Taylor Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

To the Ramparts

Ralph Nader Author
Bob Souer Narrator

Hubert Humphrey

Arnold A. Offner Author
Jonathan Yen Narrator

Dead Aid

Dambisa Moyo Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

Empires of the Weak

J.C. Sharman Author
John Lee Narrator

100 Years of the Nineteenth...

Tanya Eby Narrator
Holly J. McCammon Editor

Death in the Haymarket

James Green Author
Joel Richards Narrator

Witchcraft Activism

David Salisbury Author
Paul Boehmer Narrator

The New Geography of Jobs

Enrico Moretti Author
Sean Pratt Narrator

Future Histories

Lizzie O'Shea Author
Cat Gould Narrator

Fulfilling Social and...

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr Author
Terra Lawson Author