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Dances With Trout

John Gierach Author
David Colacci Narrator

The Kremlin Letters

David Reynolds Editor
Vladimir Pechatnov Editor

The Bowery Boys

Tom Meyers Author
Greg Young Author

Strange Trips

Lucas Richert Author
Walter Dixon Narrator

God & Spies

G. M. Matheny Author
Sean Runnette Narrator

Being Logical

D. Q. McInerny Author
Al Kessel Narrator

My Caesarean

Amanda Fields Editor
Rachel Moritz Editor

Sweet Land of Liberty

Charles Carleton Coffin Author
Bob Souer Narrator

A Brief History of Indonesia

Tim Hannigan Author
Derek Perkins Narrator

Russia in Flames

Laura Engelstein Author
Anne Flosnik Narrator

Never Say Goodbye

Patrick Mathews Author
Joe Hempel Narrator

Walk in Her Sandals

Kelly M. Wahlquist Editor
Ann Richardson Narrator

Second Lives, Second Chances

Donald R Laub Author
Paul Boehmer Narrator

Democratic Capitalism at the...

Carles Boix Author
Christopher Grove Narrator

Hangdog Days

Jeff Smoot Author
Danny Campbell Narrator


Matthew Scully Author
Sean Runnette Narrator

So Close to Freedom

Jean-Luc E. Cartron Author
Robertson Dean Narrator

Weimar Culture

Peter Gay Author
James Anderson Foster Narrator

All About the Burger

Sef Gonzalez Author
George Motz Author of introduction, etc.

Living Like You Mean It

Ronald J. Frederick Author
Brian Holden Narrator

Wish I Were Here

Mark Kingwell Author
Adam Lofbomm Narrator

Wired That Way

Marita Littauer Author
Janet Metzger Narrator

Three Years in Wonderland

Todd James Pierce Author
Al Kessel Narrator

The American Dream

Jim Cullen Author
Steve Menasche Narrator

Apocalypse Any Day Now

Tea Krulos Author
Eric Michael Summerer Narrator

52 Uncommon Dates

Randy Southern Author
Gary Chapman Author of introduction, etc.

Escape from Stalag Luft III

Bram Vanderstok Author
John Lee Narrator

A Meaning to Life

Michael Ruse Author
John Lee Narrator

Weave the Liminal

Laura Tempest Zakroff Author
Emily Beresford Narrator

Moving Foreword

Jon Chattman Author
Rainn Wilson Author of introduction, etc.

Lowest White Boy

Greg Bottoms Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

The Measure of Madness

Cheryl Paradis Author
Katherine Ramsland Author of introduction, etc.

Art, Inc.

Lisa Congdon Author
Meg Mateo Ilasco Editor

Sherman's March

Burke Davis Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

Happy Singlehood

Elyakim Kislev Author
Adam Lofbomm Narrator

A Florida State of Mind

James D. Wright Author
Patrick Lawlor Narrator

Women of Southie

Phyllis Karas Author
Anna Weeks Contributor

Russia's Crony Capitalism

Anders Aslund Author
Roger Clark Narrator

Priced Out

Uwe E. Reinhardt Author
Paul Krugman Author of introduction, etc.

Write Away

Elizabeth George Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator

The High-Conflict Custody Battle

Amy J. L. Baker Author
J. Michael Bone Author

EQ Applied

Justin Bariso Author
B. J. Harrison Narrator

Pause, Breathe, Smile

Gary Gach Author
Gary Gach Narrator

Meditation for Dummies

Stephan Bodian Author
Michael Butler Murray Narrator


Heather Anderson Author
Heather Costa Narrator

Seven Practices of a Mindful...

Marc Lesser Author
Daniel J. Siegel Author of introduction, etc.

Twelve Mighty Orphans

Jim Dent Author
Barry Abrams Narrator

Rainbow Warrior

Gilbert Baker Author
Graham Halstead Narrator