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My Life On the Line

Ryan O’Callaghan Author
Cyd Zeigler Author

The Russia Trap

George Beebe Author
L.J. Ganser Narrator

You Throw Like a Girl

Don McPherson Author
Leon Nixon Narrator

Extraterrestrial Contact

Kathleen Marden Author
Laural Merlington Narrator

Cat Call

Kristen J. Sollee Author
Avery Reid Narrator

TRIZ For Dummies

Lilly Haines-Gadd Author
Henrietta Meire Narrator

Escape from the Ordinary

Julie Bradley Author
Janet Metzger Narrator

The Gift of Sex

Clifford Penner Author
Joyce Penner Author

The People's Republic of Walmart

Leigh Phillips Author
Michal Rozworski Author

Science and Spiritual Practices

Rupert Sheldrake Author
Rupert Sheldrake Narrator

Married to a Bedouin

Marguerite van Geldermalsen Author
Cat Gould Narrator

Walking Thru

Michael Tyler Author
William Sarris Narrator

Hunting the Caliphate

Dana J.H. Pittard Author
Wes J. Bryant Author

Easy Ego State Interventions

Robin Shapiro Author
Nan McNamara Narrator

Wicca and Witchcraft For Dummies

Diane Smith Author
Rebecca Mitchell Narrator

Etiquette for Dummies

Sue Fox Author
Kelsey Navarro Narrator

Incredibull Stella

Marika Meeks Author
Elizabeth Ridley Author

What's the Point of College?

Johann N. Neem Author
Sean Pratt Narrator

Native American DNA

Kim TallBear Author
Donna Postel Narrator

What If?

Steve L. Robbins, PhD Author
David Shih Narrator


Paul Kriwaczek Author
Derek Perkins Narrator

Data Science For Dummies

Lillian Pierson Author
Chloe Cannon Narrator

The Diet Hack

Tim Steele, MSc Author
Matthew Boston Narrator

Recognizing and Engaging...

Dr. Bob Nelson Author
Curt Bonnem Narrator

Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies

Charles H. Elliot, PhD Author
Laura L. Smith, PhD Author

Imperial Germany and War,...

Daniel J. Hughes Author
Richard L. DiNardo Author

Why We Love Star Wars

Ken Napzok Author
Ken Napzok Narrator

Naming Names

Victor S. Navasky Author
Eric Michael Summerer Narrator

Robot, Take the Wheel

Jason Torchinsky Author
Roger Wayne Narrator

How Africa Shaped the...

Dr. Thomas C. Oden, PhD Author
Tom Parks Narrator

Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD Author
Eric Vohr Author

Creating Cultures of Thinking

Ron Ritchhart Author
Chris Sorensen Narrator


Mike Jay Author
Paul Brion Narrator

Quantum Leadership

Frederick Chavalit Tsao Author
Chris Laszlo Author

What to Do When He Says, I...

David Clarke, PhD Author
Kyle Tait Narrator

Unleashing Your Dog

Marc Bekoff Author
Jessica Pierce Author

Custom Reality and You

Peter Coffin Author
Eric Jason Martin Narrator

For Alison

Andy Parker Author
Ben R. Williams Author


Ashoka Mody Author
Liam Gerrard Narrator


George Monbiot Author
Julian Elfer Narrator

Catholicism All-In-One For...

Rev. Kenneth Brighenti, PhD Author
Rev. Msgr. James Cafone, STD Author

Prince Charming Isn't Coming

Barbara Stanny Author
Kim Niemi Narrator

The Birth of the FBI

Willard M. Oliver Author
Robertson Dean Narrator

The Pursuit of Glory

Tim Blanning Author
James Cameron Stewart Narrator

Endless Novelties of...

Doug Macdougall Author
Sean Runnette Narrator

Real Wolfmen

Linda S. Godfrey Author
Tanya Eby Narrator

The Constitution of Liberty

F.A. Hayek Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator


Amber Cantorna Author
Susan Hanfield Narrator