Mary Roach Author
Shelly Frasier Narrator


Mary Roach Author
Emily Woo Zeller Narrator

Working Stiff

Judy Melinek, MD Author
T. J. Mitchell Author

A Midwife's Tale

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Author
Susan Ericksen Narrator

Drug Dealer, MD

Anna Lembke, MD Author
Callie Beaulieu Narrator

The Poisoner's Handbook

Deborah Blum Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator

Confessions of a Surgeon

Paul A. Ruggieri, MD Author
Eric Jason Martin Narrator

The New Sugar Busters!

Sam S. Andrews, M.D. Author
Luis A. Balart, M.D. Author


Sandeep Jauhar Author
Patrick Lawlor Narrator

The Smart but Scattered Guide...

Peg Dawson, Ed.D. Author
Richard Guare, Ph.D. Author

I Wasn't Strong Like This...

Lee Gutkind Author
Tavia Gilbert Narrator

How Doctors Think

Jerome Groopman, M.D. Author
Michael Prichard Narrator

The Art and Science of Aging...

Mark E. Williams, MD Author
Tom Perkins Narrator

On Call in Hell

Thomas Hayden Author
Richard Jadick Author

The Fever of 1721

Stephen Coss Author
Bob Souer Narrator

The Inflammation Syndrome

Jack Challem Author
Christopher Solimene Narrator

Dr. Mary's Monkey

Edward T. Haslam Author
Jim Meskimen Narrator

Phantoms in the Brain

Sandra Blakeslee Author
V. S. Ramachandran Author

My Lobotomy

Howard Dully Author
Charles Fleming Author

God's Hotel

Victoria Sweet Author
Victoria Sweet Narrator

Without Conscience

Robert D. Hare, PhD Author
Paul Boehmer Narrator

When the Air Hits Your Brain

Frank T Vertosick, Jr., MD Author
Kirby Heyborne Narrator

The Tell-Tale Brain

V. S. Ramachandran Author
David Drummond Narrator

Switching Time

Richard Baer Author
Lloyd James Narrator

The Soul of All Living Creatures

Vint Virga, DVM Author
Vint Virga, DVM Narrator

DMT--The Spirit Molecule

Rick Strassman, MD Author
Arthur Morey Narrator

A Stitch of Time

Lauren Marks Author
Tavia Gilbert Narrator

The Inheritance

Niki Kapsambelis Author
Callie Beaulieu Narrator

Welcome to Your Child's Brain

Sandra Aamodt, Ph.D. Author
Sam Wang, Ph.D. Author

The Evil Hours

David J. Morris Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

Head Case

Cole Cohen Author
Julia Whelan Narrator

The Viral Storm

Nathan Wolfe Author
Robertson Dean Narrator

Healing Developmental Trauma

Laurence Heller Author
Aline LaPierre Author

The Patient Will See You Now

Eric Topol, MD Author
Eric Michael Summerer Narrator

Hot Lights, Cold Steel

Michael J. Collins, MD Author
John Pruden Narrator

Ask Me Why I Hurt

Randy Christensen, M.D. Author
Rene Denfeld Author

Who's in Charge?

Michael S. Gazzaniga Author
Pete Larkin Narrator

The Drug Hunters

Donald R. Kirsch, Ph.D. Author
Ogi Ogas, Ph.D. Author

Beat the Heart Attack Gene

Bradley Bale, M.D. Author
Amy Doneen, ARNP Author

The Creative Destruction of...

Eric Topol, MD Author
Dick Hill Narrator


Jennifer Ackerman Author
Emily Durante Narrator

Beating Back the Devil

Maryn McKenna Author
Ellen Archer Narrator

The Panic Virus

Seth Mnookin Author
Dan John Miller Narrator

The Family That Couldn't Sleep

D. T. Max Author
Grover Gardner Narrator

The Concussion Crisis

Linda Carroll Author
David Rosner Author

How God Changes Your Brain

Andrew Newberg, MD Author
Mark Robert Waldman Author

The Fatal Strain

Alan Sipress Author
George K. Wilson Narrator

101 Theory Drive

Terry McDermott Author
Stephen Hoye Narrator