Final Voyage

Peter Nichols Author
Norman Dietz Narrator

It's Your Move

Josh Altman Author
Josh Altman Narrator

Safe Money in Tough Times

Jonathan D. Pond Author
Dick Hill Narrator

The Color of Money

Mehrsa Baradaran Author
Lisa ReneƩ Pitts Narrator

What's Mine Is Yours

Rachel Botsman Author
Roo Rogers Author

A Gift to My Children

Jim Rogers Author
Johnny Heller Narrator

Virtual Freedom

Chris Ducker Author
Gildart Jackson Narrator

Building the New American...

Jeffrey D. Sachs Author
Rudy Sanda Narrator

The Coke Machine

Michael Blanding Author
George K. Wilson Narrator

Moments of Impact

Chris Ertel Author
Lisa Kay Solomon Author

The Orange Revolution

Chester Elton Author
Adrian Gostick Author

Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders

Rajeev Peshawaria Author
Sean Runnette Narrator

Discover Your Inner Economist

Tyler Cowen Author
David Drummond Narrator

Crash Course

Paul Ingrassia Author
Patrick Lawlor Narrator

Ninety Percent of Everything

Rose George Author
Pearl Hewitt Narrator

Change the Culture, Change...

Roger Connors Author
Tom Smith Author

Bury My Heart at Conference...

Stan Slap Author
Stan Slap Narrator

More Awesome Than Money

Jim Dwyer Author
Pete Larkin Narrator

Cognitive Surplus

Clay Shirky Author
Kevin Foley Narrator

Rich Like Them

Ryan D'Agostino Author
Patrick Lawlor Narrator

Stick to Drawing Comics,...

Scott Adams Author
William Dufris Narrator

The Perfect Scent

Chandler Burr Author
Mel Foster Narrator

Power Ambition Glory

Steve Forbes Author
John Prevas Author

Design to Grow

David Butler Author
Linda Tischler Author

The Debt Bomb

Tom A. Coburn Author
John Hart Author

An Everyone Culture

Robert Kegan Author
Lisa Laskow Lahey Author


Rohit Bhargava Author
Tom Zingarelli Narrator

Hug Your People

Jack Mitchell Author
James Boles Narrator


John Lanchester Author
James Langton Narrator

We First

Simon Mainwaring Author
John Lee Narrator

Life, on the Line

Grant Achatz Author
Nick Kokonas Author

The Millionaire Zone

Jennifer Openshaw Author
Marguerite Gavin Narrator

Keynes Hayek

Nicholas Wapshott Author
Gildart Jackson Narrator

Lifecycle Investing

Ian Ayres Author
Barry Nalebuff Author

The Whuffie Factor

Tara Hunt Author
Karen White Narrator

A Brief History of Neoliberalism

David Harvey Author
Clive Chafer Narrator


Edmund L. Andrews Author
Dick Hill Narrator

The Great Disruption

Paul Gilding Author
Antony Ferguson Narrator

American Dreams

Marco Rubio Author
Ricardo Suri Narrator

The Elephant and the Dragon

Robyn Meredith Author
Laural Merlington Narrator


Don Tapscott Author
Anthony D. Williams Author


David S. Landes Author
Alan Sklar Narrator

New Deal or Raw Deal?

Burton W. Folsom, Jr. Author
Alan Sklar Narrator


Stanley Bing Author
Alan Sklar Narrator

The Innovator's Cookbook

Steven Johnson Author
Kirby Heyborne Narrator


Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Author
Alan Sklar Narrator


Jon Macks Author
Johnny Heller Narrator

Your First Year in Network...

Mark Yarnell Author
Rene Reid Yarnell Author