Best Family Ever

Baxter Family Children Story (Series)

Karen Kingsbury Author
Tyler Russell Author

Spencer and Vincent, the...

Tony Johnston Author
Emily Dove Illustrator

Paper Mice

Megan Wagner Lloyd Author
Phoebe Wahl Illustrator

Me and Sam-Sam Handle the...

Susan Vaught Author

From Tree to Sea

Shelley Moore Thomas Author
Christopher Silas Neal Illustrator

The Little Rabbit

The Little Animal (Series)

Nicola Killen Author
Nicola Killen Illustrator

Fast Break

Jeter Publishing (Series)

Derek Jeter Author
Paul Mantell Author

Thomas Jefferson and the...

Carrie Clickard Author
Nancy Carpenter Illustrator

Small Walt and Mo the Tow

Elizabeth Verdick Author
Marc Rosenthal Illustrator

La encrucijada (The Crossroads)

Alexandra Diaz Author

Our Flag Was Still There

Jessie Hartland Author
Jessie Hartland Illustrator


Anne Miranda Author
Eric Comstock Illustrator


Jorey Hurley Author
Jorey Hurley Illustrator

Where Is My Balloon?

Ariel Bernstein Author
Scott Magoon Illustrator