The Apprentice Witch

James Nicol Author

The Secret of Nightingale Wood

Lucy Strange Author

Beetle Boy (Beetle Trilogy,...

Beetle Trilogy (Series)

M. G. Leonard Author


Mike Grinti Author
Rachel Grinti Author

Boy X

Dan Smith Author

Storm Horse

Nick Garlick Author


Chris Hill Author

Raiders' Ransom

Flood Child (Series)

Book 1

Emily Diamand Author

Big Wish

Brandon Robshaw Author

The White Tower

Cathryn Constable Author


Flashes (Series)

Book 1

Tim O'Rourke Author

Who Let the Gods Out?

Maz Evans Author

Moon Princess

Barbara Laban Author

The Impossible Clue

Alice Jones (Series)

Sarah Rubin Author


Kieran Larwood Author

Crow Mountain

Lucy Inglis Author