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Mountains Beyond Mountains

Tracy Kidder Author
Tracy Kidder Narrator

The House of Rothschild,...

Niall Ferguson Author


D. L. Garfinkle Author
Bryan Kennedy Narrator

Brunettes Strike Back

Kieran Scott Author
Jill Apple Narrator

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger

Kevin Bolger Author
Mike Ferrari Narrator

Chupie / Chupi

Thalia Author
Thalia Narrator

Teacup Full of Roses

Sharon Bell Mathis Author
Peter Jay Fernandez Narrator

Henry's 100 Days of Kindergarten

Nancy Carlson Author
Cheryl Stern Narrator

The Fashion Disaster That...

Lauren Myracle Author
Maria Cabezas Narrator

Something About Hensley's

Patricia Polacco Author
Judy Schachner Narrator

Swamp Angel

Anne Isaacs Author
Melba Sibrel Narrator


Robert Burleigh Author
Susan Pelosi Narrator

A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love

Kieran Scott Author
Rena Strober Narrator

The Book of the Lion

Michael Cadnum Author
Stuart Blinder Narrator

Mister Boots

Carol Emshwiller Author
Suzy Meyers Narrator

How to Raise the Perfect Dog

Cesar Millan Author
Melissa Jo Peltier Author


Tanith Lee Author
Amy Palant Narrator

The Horse Whisperer

Nicholas Evans Author
Peter Coyote Narrator

Up Country

Alden R. Carter Author
Victor Bevine Narrator

Tomie dePaola's Front Porch...

Tomie dePaola Author
Tomie dePaola Narrator

The Song Shoots Out of My Mouth

Jaime Adoff Author
Jaime Adoff Narrator

From Slave Ship to Freedom Road

Julius Lester Author
Cary Hite Narrator

Howards End

E. M. Forster Author
Benjamin DeMott Author of introduction, etc.

Blood of the Liberals

George Packer Author
George Packer Narrator

Bring Out the Dog

Will Mackin Author
Will Mackin Narrator


Lisa Howorth Author

Empty Hearts

Juli Zeh Author
John Cullen Translator

The Poetry Remedy

William Sieghart Author
William Sieghart Narrator

Can Democracy Work?

James Miller Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator

The Ambition Decisions

Hana Schank Author
Elizabeth Wallace Author

Life Is Long!

Karen Salmansohn Author
Gloria Salmansohn Narrator

You Always Change the Love of...

Amalia Andrade Author
Rebecca Mozo Narrator

Nothing Is Lost

Ingrid Sischy Author
Laurie Anderson Author of introduction, etc.

The Meditations

Agapi Stassinopoulos Author
Agapi Stassinopoulos Narrator

Five-Finger Discount

Helene Stapinski Author
Helene Stapinski Narrator

Positive Populism

Steve Hilton Author
Steve Hilton Narrator

Step Into Your Moxie

Alexia Vernon Author
Alexia Vernon Narrator

The Darker the Night, the...

Paul Broks Author
Simon Bubb Narrator

Zen Your Work

Karlyn Borysenko Author
Judith Hoag Narrator

Pale Horse Rider

Mark Jacobson Author
Ray Porter Narrator

The Art of Leaving

Ayelet Tsabari Author
Ayelet Tsabari Narrator

All New People

Anne Lamott Author
Karissa Vacker Narrator

A Time to Dance

Padma Venkatraman Author
Padma Venkatraman Narrator

Shadow Over Babylon

David Mason Author
Bob Peck Narrator

Forty Ways to Look at Winston...

Gretchen Rubin Author
Gretchen Rubin Narrator

Bébé Day by Day

Pamela Druckerman Author
Abby Craden Narrator

After the Fact

Nathan Bomey Author
Rob Shapiro Narrator

Death and Anger on Everest

Jon Krakauer Author
Scott Brick Narrator