The Coddling of the American...

Greg Lukianoff Author
Jonathan Haidt Author

Enlightenment Now

Steven Pinker Author
Arthur Morey Narrator


Robert M. Sapolsky Author
Michael Goldstrom Narrator

You Can't Touch My Hair

Phoebe Robinson Author
Jessica Williams Author of introduction, etc.

The Awakened Family

Shefali Tsabary Author
Shefali Tsabary Narrator

But What If We're Wrong?

Chuck Klosterman Author
Fiona Hardingham Narrator

The Square and the Tower

Niall Ferguson Author
Elliot Hill Narrator


Adam Alter Author
Adam Alter Narrator

Text Me When You Get Home

Kayleen Schaefer Author
Lauren Fortgang Narrator

Bachelor Nation

Amy Kaufman Author
Amy Kaufman Narrator


Colin Dickey Author
Jon Lindstrom Narrator

The Hacking of the American Mind

Robert H. Lustig Author
Robert H. Lustig Narrator

The Food Explorer

Daniel Stone Author
Daniel Stone Narrator

How to be a Happier Parent

KJ Dell'Antonia Author
KJ Dell'Antonia Narrator

Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud

Anne Helen Petersen Author
Anne Helen Petersen Narrator


Jared Diamond Author
Michael Prichard Narrator

Hit Makers

Derek Thompson Author
Derek Thompson Narrator

In Order to Live

Yeonmi Park Author
Eji Kim Narrator

On the Other Side of Freedom

DeRay Mckesson Author
DeRay Mckesson Narrator

Reclaiming Conversation

Sherry Turkle Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator

Big Game

Mark Leibovich Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

The Confidence Game

Maria Konnikova Author
Maria Konnikova Narrator

In the Shadow of Statues

Mitch Landrieu Author
Mitch Landrieu Narrator

The All-or-Nothing Marriage

Eli J Finkel Author
Mark Deakins Narrator

World Without Mind

Franklin Foer Author
Marc Cashman Narrator

Beneath a Ruthless Sun

Gilbert King Author
Kimberly Farr Narrator

Gross Anatomy

Mara Altman Author
Mara Altman Narrator

Maeve in America

Maeve Higgins Author
Maeve Higgins Narrator

The Strange Case of Dr. Couney

Dawn Raffel Author
Erin Bennett Narrator

While the City Slept

Eli Sanders Author
René Ruiz Narrator

Chuck Klosterman Presents...

Chuck Klosterman Author
Chuck Klosterman Narrator

The Unsettlers

Mark Sundeen Author
Mark Sundeen Narrator

The Potlikker Papers

John T. Edge Author
John T. Edge Narrator

Stay Interesting

Jonathan Goldsmith Author
Jonathan Goldsmith Narrator


Michael Pollan Author
Michael Pollan Narrator

The Stars in Our Eyes

Julie Klam Author
Julie Klam Narrator

The Darkening Web

Alexander Klimburg Author
Kaleo Griffith Narrator

Days of Rage

Bryan Burrough Author
Ray Porter Narrator

The Creative Spark

Agustín Fuentes Author
Agustín Fuentes Narrator

A Brief History of Vice

Robert Evans Author
Tristan Morris Narrator

The Power Paradox

Dacher Keltner Author
Kaleo Griffith Narrator

A Deadly Secret

Matt Birkbeck Author
David H. Lawrence XVII Narrator

Weaponized Lies

Daniel J. Levitin Author
Dan Piraro Narrator

American Savage

Dan Savage Author
Dan Savage Narrator

Strangers Drowning

Larissa MacFarquhar Author
Larissa MacFarquhar Narrator

Off the Cliff

Becky Aikman Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator

Mind = Blown

Matthew Santoro Author
Matthew Santoro Narrator

On Being Awesome

Nick Riggle Author
Nick Riggle Narrator