David Epstein Author
Will Damron Narrator

American Predator

Maureen Callahan Author
Amy Landon Narrator

More Than Enough

Elaine Welteroth Author
Elaine Welteroth Narrator


Emily Oster Author
Karissa Vacker Narrator

America's Reluctant Prince

Steven M. Gillon Author
Tim Andrés Pabon Narrator

Spying on the South

Tony Horwitz Author
Mark Deakins Narrator

Riding the Elephant

Craig Ferguson Author
Craig Ferguson Narrator

Leaving the Witness

Amber Scorah Author
Amber Scorah Narrator

The Sixth Man

Andre Iguodala Author
Sullivan Jones Narrator

On Being Human

Jennifer Pastiloff Author
Lidia Yuknavitch Author of introduction, etc.

Quit Like a Millionaire

Kristy Shen Author
Bryce Leung Author

No Walls and the Recurring Dream

Ani Difranco Author
Ani Difranco Narrator

Becoming Dr. Seuss

Brian Jay Jones Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

The First Wave

Alex Kershaw Author
Paul Michael Narrator

Gentleman Jack

Anne Choma Author
Sally Wainwright Author of introduction, etc.

The Code

Margaret O'Mara Author
Nan McNamara Narrator

The Algebra of Happiness

Scott Galloway Author
Scott Galloway Narrator

1000+ Little Things Happy...

Marc Chernoff Author
Angel Chernoff Author

The Fifth Domain

Richard A. Clarke Author
Robert K. Knake Author

George Marshall

David L. Roll Author
Mark Bramhall Narrator

Secrets of Sand Hill Road

Scott Kupor Author
Eric Ries Author of introduction, etc.

A History of the Bible

John Barton Author
Ralph Lister Narrator

Mind and Matter

John Urschel Author
Louisa Thomas Author

The Heartland

Kristin L. Hoganson Author
Gabra Zackman Narrator


Chris Arnade Author
Donte Bonner Narrator

Super Thinking

Gabriel Weinberg Author
Lauren McCann Author

Places and Names

Elliot Ackerman Author
Elliot Ackerman Narrator

Reviving Ophelia 25th...

Mary Pipher Author
Sara Gilliam Author

The Second Most Powerful Man...

Phillips Payson O'Brien Author
Christopher Grove Narrator

Birds by the Shore

Jennifer Ackerman Author
Jennifer Ackerman Narrator

The Man Without a Face

Masha Gessen Author
Masha Gessen Narrator

Burn the Ice

Kevin Alexander Author
Holter Graham Narrator

How to Give Up Plastic

Will McCallum Author
Jonathan Cowley Narrator

Play Hungry

Pete Rose Author
Mark Deakins Narrator

Defying Hitler

Gordon Thomas Author
Greg Lewis Author

Let Me Not Be Mad

A. K. Benjamin Author
Nicholas Guy Smith Narrator

Start at the End

Matt Wallaert Author
Matt Wallaert Narrator

Foreign Correspondence

Geraldine Brooks Author
Geraldine Brooks Narrator

The Brink of Being

Julia Bueno Author
Polly Lee Narrator

The Global Age

The Penguin History of Europe (Series)

Ian Kershaw Author
James Langton Narrator

Our Lost Declaration

Mike Lee Author
Tom Parks Narrator

The Stonewall Reader

New York Public Library Editor
Edmund White Author of introduction, etc.

Nuking the Moon

Vince Houghton Author
Vince Houghton Narrator


Christopher Benfey Author
Joshua Kane Narrator

Monsieur Mediocre

John von Sothen Author
John von Sothen Narrator

The Ghost Ships of Archangel

William Geroux Author
Arthur Morey Narrator

Talking to Robots

David Ewing Duncan Author
John Lee Narrator

The Buried

Peter Hessler Author
Peter Hessler Narrator