Furious Hours

Casey Cep Author
Hillary Huber Narrator

Songs of America

Jon Meacham Author
Tim McGraw Author

D-Day Girls

Sarah Rose Author
Sarah Rose Narrator

Spying on the South

Tony Horwitz Author
Mark Deakins Narrator

America's Reluctant Prince

Steven M. Gillon Author
Tim Andrés Pabon Narrator

The Last Pirate of New York

Rich Cohen Author
Ari Fliakos Narrator

The Castle on Sunset

Shawn Levy Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

Last Witnesses

Svetlana Alexievich Author
Julia Emelin Narrator

Becoming Dr. Seuss

Brian Jay Jones Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

Our Man

George Packer Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

The Dreamt Land

Mark Arax Author
Mark Arax Narrator

This America

Jill Lepore Author
Jill Lepore Narrator

The Last Leonardo

Ben Lewis Author
Peter Noble Narrator

Chasing the Moon

Robert Stone Author
Alan Andres Author

Women & Power

Mary Beard Author
Mary Beard Narrator

The Heartland

Kristin L. Hoganson Author
Gabra Zackman Narrator

The Map of Knowledge

Violet Moller Author
Susan Duerden Narrator

The Impeachers

Brenda Wineapple Author
Gabra Zackman Narrator


Tim Bouverie Author
John Sessions Narrator

The White Devil's Daughters

Julia Flynn Siler Author
Nancy Wu Narrator

Defying Hitler

Gordon Thomas Author
Greg Lewis Author

The Second Most Powerful Man...

Phillips Payson O'Brien Author
Christopher Grove Narrator

Places and Names

Elliot Ackerman Author
Elliot Ackerman Narrator


Ann Bausum Author
Vikas Adam Narrator

John Brown, Abolitionist

David S. Reynolds Author
P.J. Ochlan Narrator

The Global Age

The Penguin History of Europe (Series)

Ian Kershaw Author
James Langton Narrator


Christopher Benfey Author
Joshua Kane Narrator

Honorable Exit

Thurston Clarke Author
Rob Shapiro Narrator

In Pharaoh's Army

Tobias Wolff Author
Michael Kramer Narrator

Nuking the Moon

Vince Houghton Author
Vince Houghton Narrator

George Marshall

David L. Roll Author
Mark Bramhall Narrator

Who Was Abraham Lincoln?

Who Was? (Series)

Janet Pascal Author
Kevin Pariseau Narrator

Our Lost Declaration

Mike Lee Author
Tom Parks Narrator

The First World War

John Keegan Author
James Langton Narrator

The Ghost Ships of Archangel

William Geroux Author
Arthur Morey Narrator

More Fun in the New World

John Doe Author
Tom DeSavia Author

The Happy Bottom Riding Club

Lauren Kessler Author
Hollis McCarthy Narrator

Inside the Five-Sided Box

Ash Carter Author
Ash Carter Narrator

This Land

Christopher Ketcham Author
Christopher Ketcham Narrator

The Ministry of Truth

Dorian Lynskey Author
Andrew Wincott Narrator


Jeff Henigson Author
Jeff Henigson Narrator

The Buried

Peter Hessler Author
Peter Hessler Narrator

Who Were the Beatles?

Who Was? (Series)

Geoff Edgers Author
Kevin Pariseau Narrator

Ill Winds

Larry Diamond Author
Larry Diamond Narrator

Scholars of Mayhem

Daniel C. Guiet Author
Timothy K. Smith Author

Einstein's War

Matthew Stanley Author
Matthew Stanley Narrator

The Lessons of Tragedy

Hal Brands Author
Charles Edel Author


Matt McCarthy Author
Matt McCarthy Narrator