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21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Yuval Noah Harari Author
Derek Perkins Narrator

Say Nothing

Patrick Radden Keefe Author
Matthew Blaney Narrator

Madame Fourcade's Secret War

Lynne Olson Author
Kimberly Farr Narrator

The Spy and the Traitor

Ben Macintyre Author
John Lee Narrator


Andrew Roberts Author
Stephen Thorne Narrator


Adam Makos Author
Johnathan McClain Narrator

In the Hurricane's Eye

The American Revolution (Series)

Nathaniel Philbrick Author
Scott Brick Narrator


Evan Thomas Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee

David Treuer Author
Tanis Parenteau Narrator

The Point of It All

Charles Krauthammer Author
Daniel Krauthammer Editor


Maria Popova Author
Natascha McElhone Narrator

On Desperate Ground

Hampton Sides Author
David Pittu Narrator

How Fascism Works

Jason Stanley Author
MacLeod Andrews Narrator

Murder by the Book

Claire Harman Author
Andy Secombe Narrator

The Poison Squad

Deborah Blum Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator


Will Hunt Author
Will Hunt Narrator

Boom Town

Sam Anderson Author
Sam Anderson Narrator

Mastering Fear

Brandon Webb Author
John David Mann Author

The White Darkness

David Grann Author
Will Patton Narrator


Ken Starr Author
Ken Starr Narrator


Bob Spitz Author
Paul Michael Narrator

Dreadful Places

The World of Lore (Series)

Aaron Mahnke Author
Aaron Mahnke Narrator

The Lost Gutenberg

Margaret Leslie Davis Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator

Capitalism in America

Alan Greenspan Author
Adrian Wooldridge Author

The New Silk Roads

Peter Frankopan Author
Leighton Pugh Narrator


Stephen Fried Author
John H. Mayer Narrator


Jon Meacham Author
Timothy Naftali Author

The Back Channel

William J. Burns Author
Mark Bramhall Narrator

Thomas Cromwell

Diarmaid MacCulloch Author
David Rintoul Narrator

The Last Palace

Norman Eisen Author
Jeff Goldblum Narrator

The Mystery of the Exploding...

Thomas Morris Author
Thomas Morris Narrator

The War Before the War

Andrew Delbanco Author
Ari Fliakos Narrator

I Am Dynamite!

Sue Prideaux Author
Nicholas Guy Smith Narrator


Courtney Hargrave Author
Dion Graham Narrator

The House of Rothschild,...

Niall Ferguson Author

From Slave Ship to Freedom Road

Julius Lester Author
Cary Hite Narrator

At the Dark End of the Street

Danielle L. McGuire Author
Robin Miles Narrator

Zlata's Diary

Zlata Filipovic Author
Eve Bianco Narrator

Embers of War

Fredrik Logevall Author
Fred Sanders Narrator

The Children

David Halberstam Author
Bahni Turpin Narrator

Never Remember

Columbia Global Reports (Series)

Masha Gessen Author
Misha Friedman Author

Young Benjamin Franklin

Nick Bunker Author
Dan Woren Narrator

Titans of History

Simon Sebag Montefiore Author
Steve West Narrator

Can Democracy Work?

James Miller Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator

Into the Hands of the Soldiers

David D. Kirkpatrick Author
David D. Kirkpatrick Narrator

When the Irish Invaded Canada

Christopher Klein Author
Malcolm Hillgartner Narrator

Who Was Sacagawea?

Who Was? (Series)

Judith Bloom Fradin Author
Dennis Brindell Fradin Author

The Art of Leaving

Ayelet Tsabari Author
Ayelet Tsabari Narrator