Dare to Be Great!

Terry Cole-Whittaker Author

Its Day Being Gone

National Poetry Series

Rose McLarney Author

Circling Disaster

Dwayne Betts Author

The Inner West

Jay Kinney Author

Classic American Autobiographies

William L. Andrews Editor
William L. Andrews Author of introduction, etc.

How To Be a Rogue Trader

John Gapper Author

Brain Food

Lisa Mosconi PhD Author

Safe Foods

Deborah Mitchell Author

High Perf. Fasteners&Plumbing...

Mike Mavrigian Author

The Chronicles of the...

Robert S. Stone Author

Empty Harvest

Dr. Bernard Jensen Author

The Brothers Of Junior Doyle

E. K. Recknor Author

The Performance Cortex

Zach Schonbrun Author

Fit to Fight

Jason Ferruggia Author

Life, Paint and Passion

Michele Cassou Author
Stewart Cubley Author


Chris Clearfield Author
AndrĂ¡s Tilcsik Author

The Prodigal Tongue

Lynne Murphy Author

Man in the Box

Thomas Moran Author

Who's in Charge Here?

Alan Beattie Author

The Sweet Life

Lynn York Author

Unknown Friends

Carl Dennis Author

My Bad Parent

Troy Osinoff Author

Wuthering Heights

Penguin Classics Series

Emily Bronte Author
Ruben Toledo Illustrator

Hot. Passionate. And Illegal?

Cristian de la Fuente Author
Federico Larino Author

God on Trial

Peter Irons Author

Engine Cooling Systems HP1425

Ray T. Bohacz Author

How to Build 1934-35 Chevy St...

The Edt. of Street Rodder Mag. Author


Kevin Kaduk Author

Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle

Mathew Honan Author

Pro Paint & Body HP1563

Jim Richardson Author
Tom Horvath Author

Deep Drive

Mike Lowell Author
Rob Bradford Author

Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T

Ian Spector Author
Angelo Vildasol Illustrator


Mark Roberts Author


Mykel Mitchell Author

It's All Lies and That's the...

Bernie Brillstein Author
David Rensin Author

How to Rebuild and Modify...

Larry Shepard Author

Enlighten Up

Barrie Dolnick Author

Visions of Health

Dr. Bernard Jensen Author

How to Build Small-Block Ford...

Tom Monroe Author


Bennett Davlin Author

Gay Dads

David Strah Author
Susanna Margolis Author

Porsche 911 HP1489

Mitchell Rossi Author

Ford Engine Buildups HP1531

Evan J. Smith Author
Muscle Mustangs Fast Fords Mag Author

The Road Builder

Nicholas Hershenow Author

Your Face Never Lies

Michio Kushi Author

Wine Folly

Madeline Puckette Author

1,000 Feelings for Which...

Mario Giordano Author
Isabel Fargo Cole Translator

Street Rotary

Mark Warner Author