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Who's in Charge Here?

Alan Beattie Author

Wizard's Daughter

Sherbrooke Brides (Series)

Book 10

Catherine Coulter Author

Life, Paint and Passion

Michele Cassou Author
Stewart Cubley Author


Mark Roberts Author

1,000 Feelings for Which...

Mario Giordano Author
Isabel Fargo Cole Translator

Man in the Box

Thomas Moran Author

How To Be a Rogue Trader

John Gapper Author

Deep Drive

Mike Lowell Author
Rob Bradford Author

Empty Harvest

Dr. Bernard Jensen Author

My Bad Parent

Troy Osinoff Author

Latin D'Lite (Spanish Edition)

Ingrid Hoffmann Author

Its Day Being Gone

National Poetry (Series)

Rose McLarney Author

Maigret and the Old People

Inspector Maigret (Series)

Book 56

Georges Simenon Author

Dare to Be Great!

Terry Cole-Whittaker Author

Gay Dads

David Strah Author
Susanna Margolis Author

Lord of Falcon Ridge

Viking Era (Series)

Book 4

Catherine Coulter Author

Visions of Health

Dr. Bernard Jensen Author

Weird Parenting Wins

Hillary Frank Author

World Cup 2018 Russia...

Ultimate World Cup Books Author

The Brave Learner

Julie Bogart Author
Susan Wise Bauer Author of introduction, etc.

World of Wonders

The Deptford Trilogy (Series)

Book 3

Robertson Davies Author
Wayne Johnston Author of introduction, etc.


Jean Toomer Author
George B. Hutchinson Author of introduction, etc.


Stone Barrington (Series)

Book 46

Stuart Woods Author

Wuthering Heights

Penguin Classics (Series)

Emily Bronte Author
Ruben Toledo Illustrator

Woe Is I

Patricia T. O'Conner Author

The Beast's Heart

Leife Shallcross Author

The End of Loneliness

Benedict Wells Author
Charlotte Collins Translator

The Comedy of Errors

The Pelican Shakespeare (Series)

William Shakespeare Author
Frances E. Dolan Editor

The Book of Extraordinary Deaths

Cecilia Ruiz Author

New Erotica for Feminists

Caitlin Kunkel Author
Brooke Preston Author

Ramen Otaku

Sarah Gavigan Author
Ann Volkwein Author

Baby of the Family

Maura Roosevelt Author

Your Face Never Lies

Michio Kushi Author

Henry VI, Part 1

The Pelican Shakespeare (Series)

William Shakespeare Author
William Montgomery Editor

Good Reasons for Bad Feelings

Randolph M. Nesse, MD Author


Chris Clearfield Author
AndrĂ¡s Tilcsik Author

Maigret and the Lazy Burglar

Maigret (Series)

Book 57

Georges Simenon Author

The New Me

Halle Butler Author

Love Poems for Married People

John Kenney Author

Circle of the Moon

Soulwood (Series)

Book 4

Faith Hunter Author

Classic American Autobiographies

William L. Andrews Editor
William L. Andrews Author of introduction, etc.

Solace Island

Solace Island (Series)

Book 1

Meg Tilly Author

Reinventing Your Life

Jeffrey E. Young Author
Janet S. Klosko Author

The Altruists

Andrew Ridker Author

The Nine Cloud Dream

Kim Man-jung Author
Heinz Insu Fenkl Translator

The Whistleblower

Brad Parks Author


Jacob Tobia Author

The Dead Ex

Jane Corry Author