What Went Wrong?

Bernard Lewis Author

A Merciful End

Casebooks in Criticism (Series)

Ian Dowbiggin Author

Abraham Lincoln and Civil War...

William E. Gienapp Author

Ain't I a Beauty Queen?

Spatial Information Systems (Series)

Maxine Leeds Craig Author

All Shook Up

Glenn C. Altschuler Author

Animal Rights

AAR Cultural Criticism Series

Cass R. Sunstein Editor
Martha C. Nussbaum Editor

Becoming Evil

James Waller Author

Black Liberation

George M. Fredrickson Author

Black, White, and Indian

Claudio Saunt Author

Can Gun Control Work?

James B. Jacobs Author

Creativity and Development

R. Keith Sawyer Author
Vera John-Steiner Author

Debating the Death Penalty

Hugo Adam Bedau Editor
Paul G. Cassell Editor

Demystifying Anorexia Nervosa

Alexander R. Lucas Author

Emerging Adulthood

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett Author

Erikson on Development in...

Carol Hren Hoare Author

Forbidden Friendships

Michael Rocke Author

In Defense of Globalization

Jagdish Bhagwati Author

Into the Quagmire

The Ruffin Series in Business Ethics (Series)

Brian Vandemark Author

King David

Steven L. McKenzie Author

Life in Black and White

Brenda E. Stevenson Author

Lyndon B. Johnson

Robert Dallek Author

Managing through Incentives

Richard B. McKenzie Author
Dwight R. Lee Author

Many Globalizations

Peter L. Berger Author
Samuel P. Huntington Author

Mergers & Acquisitions

Counterpoints: Cognition, Memory, and Language (Series)

Michael A. Hitt Author
Jeffrey S. Harrison Author

Music for the Common Man

Elizabeth B. Crist Author

On the Take

Jerome P. Kassirer Author

Physics and the Art of Dance

Kenneth Laws Author
Martha Swope Author

Private Prisons

Charles H. Logan Author

Seven Myths of the Spanish...

Matthew Restall Author

Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley Author
Charles Wallace Author

The Beatles As Musicians

Series in Affective Science (Series)

Walter Everett Author

The Future of the Brain

Steven Rose Author

The Geronimo Campaign

Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics (Series)

Odie B. Faulk Author

The Jazz Age

Arnold Shaw Author

The Microbial Models of...

Rowland H. Davis Author

The New American Militarism

Andrew J. Bacevich Author

The New Anti-Catholicism

Green Chemistry Series

Philip Jenkins Author

The Psychology of Gratitude

Robert A. Emmons Editor
Michael E. McCullough Editor

The Romans

Mary T. Boatwright Author
Daniel J. Gargola Author

The Turban for the Crown

Said Amir Arjomand Author

Transformation of the Welfare...

Studies in Crime and Public Policy (Series)

Neil Gilbert Author

Visionary Film

Point/Counterpoint (Series)

P. Adams Sitney Author

Walking the Tightrope of Reason

Robert Fogelin Author

Warranted Christian Belief

Alvin Plantinga Author

West of Everything

Jane Tompkins Author

Where Darwin Meets the Bible

Larry A. Witham Author

Who Needs Classical Music?

Julian Johnson Author

Why Firms Succeed

Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics (Series)

John Kay Author

World War II

Oxford Studies in Historical Theology (Series)

William L. O'Neill Author

Writings on Music, 1965-2000

Religion in America (Series)

Steve Reich Author
Paul Hillier Author