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Being the Change

Peter Kalmus Author

Aquaponic Gardening

Sylvia Bernstein Author

The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse

Lindsey Schiller Author
Marc Plinke Author

The Retro Future

John Michael Greer Author


Richard Heinberg Author

Shrinking the Technosphere

Dmitry Orlov Author

American Exodus

Giles Slade Author

A New Garden Ethic

Benjamin Vogt Author

Backyard Biodiesel

Bob Armantrout Author
Lyle Estill Author

The New Carbon Architecture

Bruce King Author

The Big Swim

Carrie Saxifrage Author

Cold, Hungry and in the Dark

Bill Powers Author
Art Berman Author of introduction, etc.

The Biology of Wonder

Andreas Weber Author


Richard Heinberg Author

Plan C

Pat Murphy Author

Extreme Weather Hits Home

John Banta Author


Michael Huesemann Author
Joyce Huesemann Author

The Biochar Solution

Albert Bates Author

Evolution's Edge

Graeme Taylor Author

Power from the Wind

Dan Chiras Author

Electric Water

Christopher C. Swan Author

Energy Switch

Craig Morris Author

The Climate Challenge

The Solutions (Series)

Guy Dauncey Author

Eating Fossil Fuels

Dale Pfeiffer Author

The Carbon Charter

Godo Stoyke Author

The Scything Handbook

Ian Miller Author

Ecological Footprint

Mathis Wackernagel Author
bert Beyers Author

The Memory We Could Be

Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik Author

Biodiesel Power

Lyle Estill Author


Andrés R Edwards Author
Marc Bekoff Author of introduction, etc.

The Modern Homesteader's...

Kirsten Lie-Nielsen Author

Resilient Agriculture

Laura Lengnick Author