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The Borderline Personality...

Daniel J. Fox Author

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive...

Susan L. Woods Author
Patricia Rockman Author

The Dialectical Behavior...

Kirby Reutter Author
Dawn DePasquale Author of introduction, etc.

Recovering from Emotionally...

Lindsay C. Gibson Author

The Strengths-Based Workbook...

Ryan M. Niemiec Author
Neal H. Mayerson Author of introduction, etc.

The Relaxation and Stress...

Martha Davis Author
Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman Author

The Upward Spiral Workbook

Alex Korb Author
Peter C. Whybrow Author of introduction, etc.

ACT Made Simple

The New Harbinger Made Simple (Series)

Russ Harris Author
Steven C. Hayes Author of introduction, etc.

Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance...

Timothy Gordon Author
Jessica Borushok Author