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CBT Made Simple

The New Harbinger Made Simple (Series)

Nina Josefowitz Author
David Myran Author

Handbook of Clinical...

John D. Preston Author
John H. O'Neal Author

Learning ACT

Jason B. Luoma Author
Steven C. Hayes Author

The Essential Guide to the...

Kevin L. Polk Author
Benjamin Schoendorff Author

Child and Adolescent Clinical...

John D. Preston Author
Mary C. Talaga Author

Learning ACT for Group Treatment

Darrah Westrup Author
M. Joann Wright Author

Process-Based CBT

Steven C. Hayes Editor
Stefan G. Hofmann Editor

Introduction to Behavioral...

Thomas Byrne Editor
Alan Poling Editor

Helping Your Shy and Socially...

Lynne Henderson Author
Philip G. Zimbardo Author of introduction, etc.

The Skills Training Manual...

Thomas R. Lynch Author

Radically Open Dialectical...

Thomas R. Lynch Author

The Transdiagnostic Road Map...

Rochelle I. Frank Author
Joan Davidson Author