Local Color

George Gallo Director

The Bracelet of Bordeaux

Casey Kelly Director
Frank Eakin Producer

The Secrets

Avi Nesher Director
Avi Nesher Producer


Frank Ciota Director
Roger Marino Producer

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

Rick Ray Director
Rick Ray Producer

Seize the Day

Fielder Cook Director
Chris Schultz Producer

Go Tell it On the Mountain

Stan Lathan Director
Calvin Skaggs Producer

The Exonerated

Bob Balaban Director

The Red Baron

Nikolai Muellerschoen Director
Dan Maag Producer

The Louvre

John J. Sughrue, JR. Director
Lucy Jarvis Producer

The Endless Summer

Bruce Brown Director
Bruce Brown Producer

Come Along with Me

Joanne Woodward Director

Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger

Cathy Randall Director
Miriam Stein Producer


Kim Kindersley Director
Kim Kindersley Producer

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Peter H. Hunt Director


Peter Travis Director

When I Find The Ocean

Tonya S. Holly Director
Tonys S. Holly Producer

Under The Biltmore Clock

Neal Miller Director

Take Me Home

Sam Jaeger Director
Sam Jaeger Producer


Wilson Coneybeare Director

Pearl Diver

Sidney King Director
Daniel Lowe Producer


Turk Pipkin Director

Lovely, Still

Nik Fackler Director
Dana Altman Producer

Humble Pie

Chris Bowman Director

The Gift of the Magi

Scott Mansfield Director
Jere Rae-Mansfield Producer

Eye of the Dolphin

Michael D. Sellers Director
Michael D. Sellers Producer


Marc Meyers Director
Jody Girgenti Producer

The Village Barbershop

Chris Ford Director
Chris Ford Producer

Half of a Yellow Sun

Biyi Bandele Director
Andrea Calderwood Producer

I Am Comic

Jordan Brady Director
Robert Mickelson Producer

Who Am I This Time

Jonathan Demme Director

An Occurrence at Owl Creek...

Robert Enrico Director

Man of the Year

Straw Weisman Director

World War II

Cass Paley Director
Jere Rae-Mansfield Producer

The Blue Butterfly

Lea Pool Director

The End of the Road

Brent Meeske Director

Edgar Allen Poe

Scott Mansfield Director
Jere Rae-Mansfield Producer


Christopher Folino Director
Christopher Folino Producer


James Mottern Director

Steel Toes

David Gow Director
Mark Adam Director

The Scenesters

Todd Berger Director
Todd Berger Actor

Bernice Bobs her Hair

F. Scott Fitzgerald Author

The Cry

Bernadine Santistevan Director

Shakespeare's Soliloquies

Scott Mansfield Director

How to be a Serial Killer

Luke Ricci Director
Jason Dittmer Producer

Emily Dickinson

Bayley Silleck Director

Ripple Effect

Philippe Caland Director
Philippe Caland Producer