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Advise and Consent

Allen Drury Author
Allan Robertson Narrator

Trident's First Gleaming

Stephen Templin Author
Brian Troxell Narrator

Angels Fall

Frank Herbert Author
Fleet Cooper Narrator

Bury Me

Tara Sivec Author
Stephanie Willis Narrator

Killer Instinct

Charlie Fox Series

Book 1

Zoe Sharp Author
Angele Masters Narrator

Expedition Indigo

Riley Cooper Series

Book 1

Stacy Allen Author
Kristin Kalbli Narrator

A Shade of Difference

Advise and Consent Series

Book 2

Allen Drury Narrator
Allan Robertson Musician

The Candidate's Daughter

Catherine Lea Author
Amy Tallmadge Narrator

The Feathers

Southern Spectral Series

Book 1

Cynthia Lott Author
Courtney Patterson Narrator

Revolution in Time

Out of Time Series

Book 10

Monique Martin Author
Robin Bloodworth Narrator

Pickett's Charge

Charles McNair Author
Jeremy Arthur Narrator


Mark Leslie Author
Brian Troxell Narrator

Dead End

Carson Reno Mystery Series

Book 13

Gerald Darnell Author
Kevin Stillwell Narrator

Call Me Ghost

Michael Hague Author
Brian Troxell Narrator