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Multidimensional Diplomacy of...

Simon Shen Editor
Jean-Marc F. Blanchard Editor

The Ethical Detective

Rachel Haliburton Author

Law, Economics, and Game Theory

John Cirace Author

Safe Water, Sanitation, and...

Assata Zerai Editor
Brenda N. Sanya Editor

The Europa Lectures, 2002–2014

Europe and the World (Series)

Martin Holland Editor
Serena Kelly Editor

Analyzing Christmas in Film

Lauren Rosewarne Author

Taiwan at a Tipping Point

John F. Copper Author

The Hilltop Youth

The Levant and Near East: a Multidisciplinary Book (Series)

Shimi Friedman Author

A. H. Nasution and...

Barry Turner Author

Post-Soviet Legacies and...

Russian, Eurasian, and Eastern European Politics (Series)

Lena Surzhko-Harned Author
Ekaterina Turkina Author

Pan-Tribal Activism in the...

Vera Parham Author

Policing Insecurity

Niels Uildriks Author

Japan in the World

Klaus Schlichtmann Author

Chinese Perceptions of the U.S.

Biwu Zhang Author
Richard Herrmann Author of introduction, etc.

Sport and the American...

Gerald R. Gems Author

The Politics and Literature...

New Studies in Modern Japan (Series)

Atsuko Ueda Editor
Michael K. Bourdaghs Editor

Mapping the Megalopolis

Glen David Kuecker Editor
Alejandro Puga Editor

A Comparative History of...

Carl-Henry Geschwind Author

Ernst Lubitsch's the Student...

John W. Fawell Author

Social, Mobile, and Emerging...

Alexander V. Laskin Editor
Kathryn E. Anthony Contributor

The Bio-Politics of the...

Constantin Iordachi Author
Kristof Van Assche Author

Learning to Be Tibetan

Emerging Perspectives on Education in China (Series)

Miaoyan Yang Author

Contemporary Russo–Turkish...

Ali Askerov Editor
Ilyas Topsakal Contributor

Corpse Encounters

Jacqueline Elam Author
Chase Pielak Author

Textual Layering

TEXTURES: Philosophy / Literature / Culture (Series)

Maria Margaroni Editor
Apostolos Lampropoulos Editor

Bridging the Baltic Sea

The Harvard Cold War Studies Book (Series)

Lars Fredrik Stöcker Author

Milton's Socratic Rationalism

Politics, Literature, & Film (Series)

David Oliver Davies Author

Experiencing Racism

Richard Seltzer Author

Doing English in Asia

Patricia Haseltine Editor
Sheng-mei Ma Editor

The Professions and Civic Life

Gary J. Schmitt Editor
Christopher Caldwell Contributor

Revisiting India's Partition

Amritjit Singh Editor
Nalini Iyer Editor

South Asians on the U.S. Screen

Bhoomi K. Thakore Author
Matthew W. Hughey Author of introduction, etc.

The Fluid Boundaries of...

DaMaris B. Hill Author
Jason Barrett-Fox Contributor

Black Women's Portrayals on...

Donnetrice C. Allison Editor
Antwanisha Alameen-Shavers Contributor

Digital Media

Postphenomenology and the Philosophy of Technology (Series)

Stacey O'Neal Irwin Author
Don Ihde Author of introduction, etc.

Reconsidering Stagnation in...

Dina Fainberg Editor
Artemy M. Kalinovsky Editor

Postmodern Ethics, Emptiness,...

Studies in Comparative Philosophy and Religion (Series)

Jae-seong Lee Author

Against Apocalypse

Fred Dallmayr Author

Gender in Hispanic Literature...

Tania Gómez Editor
Patricia Bolaños-Fabres Editor

Race and Pedagogy

Race and Education in the Twenty-First Century (Series)

Susan R. Adams Author
Jamie Buffington-Adams Author

Forensic Rhetorics and...

Marouf Hasian Jr. Author

Media, Millennials, and Politics

Alison Novak Author

Passion in Philosophy

Randolph Wheeler Contributor
Randolph Wheeler Editor

Neoliberalism, the Security...

David R. Lea Author

Decadence, Radicalism, and...

Chad Denton Author

Ecotheology and Nonhuman...

Ecocritical Theory and Practice (Series)

Melissa Brotton Editor
Jerry Cappel Contributor

Gadflies in the Public Space

Ramin Jahanbegloo Author
Fred R. Dallmayr Author of introduction, etc.

Writing Youth

Jonathan Alexander Author
William P. Banks Contributor