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Hermeneutics in the Genre of...

Husain Kassim Author

Taking Comedy Seriously

Politics and Comedy: Critical Encounters (Series)

Jennalee Donian Author

Corporate Power, Class...

Ronald W. Cox Author

Flannery O'Connor and the...

Politics, Literature, & Film (Series)

Jerome C. Foss Author

The Democratic Arts of Mourning

Alexander Keller Hirsch Editor
David W. McIvor Editor

Saints in the Struggle

Religion and Race (Series)

Jonathan Chism Author

Retelling the Past in...

Trine Stauning Willert Editor
Gerasimus Katsan Editor

Preponderance in U.S. Foreign...

Graham Slater Author

Syrian Forced Migration and...

Christine Crudo Blackburn Author
Lenze Jr. Author

Somatic Desire

Sarah Horton Editor
Stephen Mendelsohn Editor

The Essentials of Islamic...

John Oluseyi Kuforiji Author

This Bridge We Call...

Alexandrina Agloro Contributor
Edmundo M. Aguilar Contributor

Military Spouses with...

Jennifer N. Belding Editor
Jennifer N. Belding Contributor

Mediatization of Physical...

Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech Author

History of American Political...

Bryan-Paul Frost Editor
Jeffrey Sikkenga Editor

Russia's Arctic Policy in the...

Russian, Eurasian, and Eastern European Politics (Series)

Maria L. Lagutina Author

Rhythm and Blues Goes Calypso

Timothy Dodge Author

Critiquing Social and...

Critical Childhood & Youth Studies: Theoretical Explorations and Practices in Clinical, Educational, Social, and Cultural Settings (Series)

Clio Stearns Author

Gandhi's Thought and Liberal...

Studies in Comparative Philosophy and Religion (Series)

Sanjay Lal Author

Imagining Prostitution in...

New Studies in Modern Japan (Series)

Ann Marie L. Davis Author

Noticing Oral Corrective...

Eva Kartchava Author

Communicating during...

Marouf Hasian Jr. Author

Pro Football and the...

Lexington Studies in Political Communication (Series)

Stephen D. Perry Editor
Stephen D. Perry Contributor

Creation and Contingency in...

O. P. Torchia Author

Politics and International...

Stylianos A. Sotiriou Author

The Wakamatsu Tea and Silk...

Daniel A. Métraux Author
Amy S. Miller Author of introduction, etc.

Romantic Love in America

Anthropology of Well-Being: Individual, Community, Society (Series)

Victor C. de Munck Author

Reading as Democracy in Crisis

James Rovira Editor
Cassandra Falke Contributor

Women of the 2016 Election

Communicating Gender (Series)

Rosa L. DeLauro Contributor
Nichola D. Gutgold Contributor

Black Veterans, Politics, and...

War and Society in Modern American History (Series)

Selika M. Ducksworth-Lawton Contributor
Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas Contributor

Spatial Resistance

Christian Beck Author

Popular Culture as Art and...

George A. Gonzalez Author

Technofeminist Storiographies

Communicating Gender (Series)

Kristine L. Blair Author

Corruption and Anticorruption...

Qiang Fang Editor
Xiaobing Li Editor

Deconstructing "Ideal Power...

Europe and the World (Series)

Münevver Cebeci Author

Latinx Curriculum Theorizing

Race and Education in the Twenty-First Century (Series)

Theodorea Regina Berry Editor
Mariela Rodríguez Editor

Jewish Bodylore

Studies in Folklore and Ethnology: Traditions, Practices, and Identities (Series)

Amy K. Milligan Author

From Factory Girls to K-Pop...

For the Record: Lexington Studies in Rock and Popular Music (Series)

Gooyong Kim Author
Douglas Kellner Author of introduction, etc.

Religious Interaction Ritual

Scott Draper Author

Kant's Philosophy and the...

Robert J. Roecklein Author

Art and Selfhood

Antony Aumann Author

Tweencom Girls

Children and Youth in Popular Culture (Series)

Patrice A. Oppliger Author

Mental Disorders in Popular Film

Erin Heath Author

Second-Generation South Asian...

Sheena Kalayil Author

Italian Foreign Policy during...

Foreign Policies of the Middle Powers (Series)

Fabrizio Coticchia Author
Jason W. Davidson Author

Elementary Students...

Mindfulness in Education (Series)

Alice McIntyre Author

Theory, Aesthetics, and...

After the Empire: the Francophone World and Postcolonial France (Series)

Rajeshwari S. Vallury Editor
Réda Bensmaïa Contributor

The Sidekick Comes of Age

Children and Youth in Popular Culture (Series)

Stephen M. Zimmerly Author