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The Grand Strategy that Won...

Douglas E. Streusand Editor
Norman A. Bailey Editor

The 1956 Suez War and the New...

Yagil Henkin Author

Veterans of Future Wars

Donald W. Whisenhunt Author

Nuclear Tsunami

Richard Krooth Author
Morris Edelson Author

The Southern Flank of NATO,...

Dionysios Chourchoulis Author

Relief Work as Pilgrimage

M. J. Heisey Author
Nancy Heisey Author

Creating Japan's Ground...

New Studies in Modern Japan (Series)

David Hunter-Chester Author

Perspectives on the Entangled...

Klas-Göran Karlsson Editor
Johan Stenfeldt Editor

The Dark Side of Zionism

Baylis Thomas Author

Inclusion in the American...

David E. Rohall Editor
Morten G. Ender Editor

Counterterrorism and Threat...

David M. Blum Editor
J. Edward Conway Editor

Ghana Armed Forces in Lebanon...

Conflict and Security in the Developing World (Series)

Emmanuel Wekem Kotia Author
H. E. Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas Author of introduction, etc.

Confronting Hitler

William Smaldone Author

Unified Military Industries...

The Harvard Cold War Studies Book (Series)

Pál Germuska Author

A. H. Nasution and...

Barry Turner Author

Singing, Soldiering, and...

Christina Gier Author

French Anti-Americanism (1930...

Seth D. Armus Author

The Vietnam War Debate

Louis B. Zimmer Author

Polish Hero Roman Rodziewicz

Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm Author

Manipulating Images

Lexington Studies in Political Communication (Series)

Tawnya J. Adkins Covert Author

For the Honor of Our Fatherland

Tracey Hayes Norrell Author


Lisa Lines Author

The Kalamata Diary

Eduardo Faingold Author

The African American Press in...

Paul Alkebulan Author

The YMCA at War

Jeffrey C. Copeland Editor
Yan Xu Editor

Memory, Identity, and...

Daqing Yang Editor
Mike Mochizuki Editor

Enemy Civilian Casualties

Ofer Fridman Author

Forced Confrontation

Christopher E. Mauriello Author

Korean American Pioneer Aviators

Edward T. Chang Author
Woo Sung Han Author

Military Diplomacy in the...

Tim Hadley Author

World War I, Mass Death, and...

Lexington Studies in Contemporary Rhetoric (Series)

David W. Seitz Author

The Letters and Diaries of...

Roger B. Jeans Editor

Hitler and Abductive Logic

Ben Novak Author

Japan and Germany under the U...

Studies of Modern Japan (Series)

Masako Shibata Author

The Santa Marija Convoy

Dennis Castillo Author

The Impact of the First World...

Michael G. Carew Author

The Body and Military...

Nicolas Schillinger Author

The Dutch East Indies Red...

Leo van Bergen Author

The British and the Greek...

André Gerolymatos Author

Minorities in the Israeli...

Randall S. Geller Author

Commemorating Gallipoli...

John Morgan O'Connell Author

Making Warriors in a Global Era

Tone Danielsen Author
Anna Simons Author of introduction, etc.

Paths of Innovation in Warfare

Nicholas Michael Sambaluk Editor
Richard H. Anderson Contributor

Experiences of Japanese...

Precious Yamaguchi Author

Fulda Gap

Dieter Krüger Editor
Volker Bausch Editor

Myths of the Cold War

Albert L. Weeks Author

How Militaries Learn

Nathan W. Toronto Author