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Real World Personal Finance

Mark A. Nadler Author
Terry Rumker Author

Bigger Isn't Necessarily Better

Frederick Abernathy Author
Kermit Baker Author

Entrepreneurialism and...

Jamie Gillen Author

The Economics and Politics of...

Daniel Albalate Author
Germa Bel Author

Women, Men, and Human Capital...

Bonnie G. Mani Author

Pride and Profit

Capitalist Thought: Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Series)

Cecil E. Bohanon Author
Michelle Albert Vachris Author

Capitalism and Commerce in...

Capitalist Thought: Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Series)

Edward W. Younkins Editor
Andrew Bernstein Contributor

China's Economic Development,...

Chu-yuan Cheng Author

A Tempered and Humane Economy

Jannett Highfill Author
Patricia Podd Webber Author

Social Media and Integrated...

Jeanne M. Persuit Author

The Church and the Market

Thomas E. Woods Jr. Author

John Maynard Keynes

Joseph R. Cammarosano Author

Banking on Sterling

Ophelia Eglene Author

Industrial Disasters, Toxic...

Francis O. Adeola Author

The Ecology of Money

Adrian Kuzminski Author

Literature and Liberty

Allen Mendenhall Author

Prison Management, Prison...

Stephen C. McGuinn Author

Contradictions of Employee...

George M. Kandathil Author

Managerial Economics

Thomas J. Webster Author

China and East Asia's...

Wei Liang Author
Faizullah Khilji Author

Solidarity Forever?

Jake Alimahomed-Wilson Author

Law, Economics, and Game Theory

John Cirace Author

A Comparative History of...

Carl-Henry Geschwind Author

Female Business Owners in...

Allison Weidhaas Author

Merchants and Ministers

Kevin Schmiesing Author

Elinor Ostrom and the...

Daniel H. Cole Author
Michael D. McGinnis Author

Economic Actors, Economic...

Lexington Studies in Political Communication (Series)

C. Damien Arthur Author

Balanced Trade

Jesse Richman Author
Howard Richman Author

Small World, Big Market

Budd Hebert Author

Exploring Capitalist Fiction

Edward W. Younkins Author

The New Domestic Automakers...

Comparative International Development (Series)

A. J. Jacobs Author

Market New Products Successfully

Kevin J. Clancy Author
Peter C. Krieg Author

Truth in Advertising?

Barbara Allen Author
Daniel Stevens Author

National Football League...

Frank P. Jozsa Jr. Author

Build a Better Vision Statement

Shelley A. Kirkpatrick Author

Freedom, Opportunity, and...

Douglas Downing Author

In the Shadow of the Miracle

Arthur J. Alexander Author

Getting a Cut

Richard Seltzer Author
Holona LeAnne Ochs Author

Predicting Hotspots

Atin Basuchoudhary Author
James T. Bang Author

Rethinking the Theory of...

John Smithin Author

The Ontology and Function of...

Capitalist Thought: Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Series)

Leonidas Zelmanovitz Author

And Why Not?

François Michelin Author
Ivan Levaï Other

Contemporary Issues in...

Duygu Turker Editor
Huriye Toker Editor

The Essentials of Islamic...

John Oluseyi Kuforiji Author

Efficient Macro Concept

William Mannen Author

Oil and Terrorism in the New...

James J. F. Forest Author
Matthew V. Sousa Author

Football Development Index

Anatoly Vorobyev Author
Ilya Solntsev Author