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Essays on Ayn Rand's Atlas...

Robert Mayhew Editor
Michael S. Berliner Contributor

Images for a Generation Doomed

Kylo-Patrick R. Hart Author

After the Factory

James J. Connolly Editor
Janet R. Daly Bednarek Contributor

Social Media

Hana S. Noor Al-Deen Author
John Allen Hendricks Author

China's Peaceful Rise in a...

Jinghao Zhou Author

Lincoln's Enduring Legacy

William D. Pederson Editor
Frank J. Williams Editor

After the Girls Club

Carole Bell Ford Author

Changing Bodies in the...

Gregory Jerome Hampton Author

Sex Trafficking

Kimberly A. McCabe Editor
Sabita Manian Editor

Race and Reconciliation in...

William S. Cohen Author
Janet Langhart Cohen Author

Filling the Hole in the...

Robert Jacobs Author
Mick Broderick Contributor

The Blessing of Life

Brian Kane Author

Veterans of Future Wars

Donald W. Whisenhunt Author

The Twenty-First-Century...

John Allen Hendricks Editor
Alan B. Albarran Contributor

Crime and Racial Constructions

Jeanette Covington Author

Visits with Lincoln

Barbara A. White Author

Why Study Talmud in the...

Paul Socken Editor
Elizabeth Shanks Alexander Contributor

Heartlands of Eurasia

Anita Sengupta Author

Hip Hop's Inheritance

Reiland Rabaka Author

When the Letter Betrays the...

Tyson D. King-Meadows Author

Between Utopia and Dystopia

Hanan Yoran Author

The Forgotten Room

Mary Hollowell Author
Ashley Bryan Author of introduction, etc.

Reading Japan Cool

John E. Ingulsrud Author
Kate Allen Author

Confronting Genocide

Steven Leonard Jacobs Editor

Stalin and the Turkish Crisis...

Jamil Hasanli Author

African American Slave Medicine

Herbert C. Covey Author

The Gentrification and...

Judith DeSena Author

Max Stirner's Dialectical Egoism

John F. Welsh Author

The Prague Spring and the...

The Harvard Cold War Studies Book (Series)

G√ľnter Bischof Editor
Stefan Karner Editor

Writing and Filming the...

Alexandre Dauge-Roth Author

Almost Madam President

Nichola D. Gutgold Author
Marie Cocco Author of introduction, etc.

Christianity and Human Rights

Frederick M. Shepherd Editor
Thomas Bamat Contributor

Lake of Heaven

Bruce Allen Translator

The Daily Show and Rhetoric

Trischa Goodnow Editor
Jonathan E. Barbur Contributor

Nietzsche and Zen

Andre van der Braak Author

Restorative Justice for...

Marilyn Fernandez Author

Full Spectrum Diplomacy and...

John Lenczowski Author

Between Science and Religion

Phillip M. Thompson Author

Communication and the...

Shaheed Nick Mohammed Author

Body Matters

James Aho Author
Kevin Aho Author

Constructing Borders/Crossing...

Caroline B. Brettell Editor


Howard B. Radest Author

Situational Traits of Character

Candace L. Upton Author

The Legends of Tono

Kunio Yanagita Author

Same-Sex Marriage in the...

Jason Pierceson Editor
Adriana Piatti-Crocker Editor

The Dangers of Dissent

Ivan Greenberg Author

Metamorphoses of the Zoo

Ralph R. Acampora Author
Helena Pedersen Contributor

Voting and Elections the...

Rita J. Simon Author
Vassia Gueorguieva Author