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. . . And Communications for All

Amit M. Schejter Editor

9/11 Fiction, Empathy, and...

Tim Gauthier Author

A Bridge Too Far?

Robert Grafstein Editor
Fan Wen Editor

A Case Study of European...

Indrit Vuçaj Author

A Century of Segregation

Leland Ware Author

A Change in Worlds on the...

Jack Patrick Hayes Author

A Cold War over Austria

The Harvard Cold War Studies Book (Series)

Gerald Stourzh Author
Wolfgang Mueller Author

A Communication Perspective...

Daniel S. Brown Jr. Editor
Greg G. Armfield Contributor

A Communication Perspective...

Janet L. Fallon Author

A Communication Universe

Igor E. Klyukanov Author

A Companion to Ricoeur's...

Studies in the Thought of Paul Ricoeur (Series)

Scott Davidson Editor
Jean-Luc Amalric Contributor

A Comparative History of...

Carl-Henry Geschwind Author

A Converging Post-War...

Thomas C. Hoerber Author

A Crisis of Leadership and...

Stephen C. W. Graves Author

A Critical Companion to James...

Adam Barkman Editor
Adam Barkman Contributor

A Critical Companion to Tim...

Adam Barkman Editor
Antonio Sanna Editor

A Critique of Ayn Rand's...

Dustin J. Byrd Author

A Defense of Ignorance

Cynthia Townley Author

A Democratic Mind

Israel W. Charny Author
Allen Frances Author of introduction, etc.

A Destiny of Choice?

David Blanke Editor
David Steigerwald Editor

A Discourse on African...

African Philosophy: Critical Perspectives and Global Dialogue (Series)

Christian B. N. Gade Author
Michael Onyebuchi Eze Author of introduction, etc.

A Free Society Reader

Michael Novak Author of introduction, etc.
Michael Novak Editor

A Functional Analysis of...

William L. Benoit Author

A Grammar of Cinepoiesis

Cine-Aesthetics: New Directions in Film and Philosophy (Series)

Silvia Carlorosi Author

A Handbook for Evidence-Based...

James C. Howell Author
Mark W. Lipsey Author

A Handbook of Military...

Rita J. Simon Author
Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim Author

A History of Anthropology as...

Glynn Custred Author

A History of Habit

Tom Sparrow Editor
Adam Hutchinson Editor

A History of Hollywood's...

Camille Johnson-Yale Author

A History of Rwandan Identity...

Randall Fegley Author

A History of the German...

Alfred C. Mierzejewski Author

A History of the Handel Choir...

Carl B. Schmidt Author

A History of the Water...

Jeremiah Mutio Kitunda Author

A Jewish Public Theology

Abraham Unger Author

A Land without Castles

Thomas K. Murphy Author

A Language of Freedom and...

Fatma Mızıkacı Editor
Guy Senese Editor

A Law of Peoples for...

Chris Naticchia Author

A Legislative History of the...

Martin B. Gold Author

A Localized Culture of Welfare

Kwok-shing Chan Author

A Man Apart

Harold B. Gill Jr. Author
George M. Curtis III Author

A Matter of Honour

AsiaWorld (Series)

Yoon Jung Park Author

A Mindful Teaching Community

Mindfulness in Education (Series)

Kelly Hanson Editor
Deanne Collinson Contributor

A Mirror for Lovers

William F. Zak Author

A Most Human Enterprise

Donald O. Granberg Author
John Galliher Author

A Musician and Teacher in...

Terese Volk Tuohey Author

A Nation Can Rise No Higher...

Bayyinah S. Jeffries Author

A Newsman in the Nixon White...

Lexington Studies in Political Communication (Series)

Wafa Unus Author

A Path for Chinese Civil Society

Jianxing Yu Author
Jun Zhou Author