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Ernst Lubitsch's the Student...

John W. Fawell Author

Social, Mobile, and Emerging...

Alexander V. Laskin Editor
Kathryn E. Anthony Contributor

Contemporary Russo–Turkish...

Ali Askerov Editor
Ilyas Topsakal Contributor

Corpse Encounters

Jacqueline Elam Author
Chase Pielak Author

The Garden of Reality

Roland Faber Author

Race, Gender, and Image...

Mia Moody-ramirez Author
Hazel James Cole Author

American Crusades

Jon DePriest Author

Japan Fluxus

Luciana Galliano Author

Música de Chiloé

Waldo Garrido Author
Dan Bendrups Author

Necessary Travel

Susan Hodgett Editor
Patrick James Editor

Mereologies, Ontologies, and...

Paul M. W. Hackett Editor
Paul M. W. Hackett Contributor

How the Neoliberalization of...

Justin Pack Author

The Life and Thought of...

Nicholas S. Racheotes Author

Storytelling in a Culturally...

Laura A. Mitchell Author

Wrestling with Archons

Jonathan Cahana-Blum Author

The War of the Zionist Giants

Nick Reynold Author

The Economies of Queer Inclusion

S. M. Rodriguez Author

Freedom and Economic Order

Linda C. Raeder Author

Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar

Christopher J. Ryan Author

How Families Matter

Pamela Braboy Jackson Author
Rashawn Ray Author

From Disability Theory to...

Christopher A. Riddle Editor
Christopher A. Riddle Contributor


Malynnda A. Johnson Author

Liberalization and Culture in...

Ari Ofengenden Author

Predicting Hotspots

Atin Basuchoudhary Author
James T. Bang Author

Emerging Scholarship on the...

Katlyn Quenzer Editor
Maria Syed Editor

Television Storyworlds as...

M. King Adkins Author

Music Wars

John C. Hajduk Author

Kierkegaard and the...

Will Williams Author

Edges of Global Transformation

Håkon Fyhn Editor
Harald Aspen Editor

Constructing Feminine to Mean

Abdelkader Fassi Fehri Author

Foundation for a Natural...

Edmund Wall Author


Nirode Mohanty Author

Star Wars Meets the Eras of...

Valerie Estelle Frankel Author

John Stuart Mill on History

Jay M. Eisenberg Author

Bombay Going

Susanne Åsman Author

Entropic Affirmation

Apple Zefelius Igrek Author

Propaganda, Media, and...

Luwei Rose Luqiu Author

Tropical Idolatry

R. L. Green Author

Corporate Power, Class...

Ronald W. Cox Author

The Democratic Arts of Mourning

Alexander Keller Hirsch Editor
David W. McIvor Editor

Imagery, Ritual, and Birth

Anna M. Hennessey Author
Robbie E. Davis-Floyd Author of introduction, etc.

The Prose Works of Gha'ib...

Hilla Peled-Shapira Author

African American Girls and...

Sheila Walker Author

The Modern Stephen King Canon

Patrick McAleer Editor
Philip L. Simpson Editor

Retelling the Past in...

Trine Stauning Willert Editor
Gerasimus Katsan Editor

Preponderance in U.S. Foreign...

Graham Slater Author

Millennial Culture and...

Ahmet Atay Contributor
Ahmet Atay Editor

Knowing Self, Changing Self

Scotty Enyart Author