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The Rolling Stones

Helmut Staubmann Editor
Andrea Baker Contributor

Hardcore, Punk, and Other Junk

Eric James Abbey Editor
Colin Helb Editor

Don't Stop Thinking About the...

Benjamin S. Schoening Author
Eric T. Kasper Author

Ethics, Politics, and Anarcho...

Edward Anthony Avery-Natale Author

Hip Hop's Inheritance

Reiland Rabaka Author

The Southern Rock Revival

Jason T. Eastman Author

Hip-Hop within and without...

Karen Snell Author
Johan Söderman Author

Afro-Colombian Hip-Hop

Christopher Dennis Author

Finding Fogerty

Thomas M. Kitts Editor

Christianity and Heavy Metal...

Jason Lief Author

Walking the Line

Thomas Alan Holmes Editor
Roxanne Harde Editor

The Philosophies of Richard...

Julian Young Author

A Musician and Teacher in...

Terese Volk Tuohey Author

Exploring Christian Song

M. Jennifer Bloxam Editor
Andrew Shenton Editor

Japan Fluxus

Luciana Galliano Author

Música de Chiloé

Waldo Garrido Author
Dan Bendrups Author

The Kaprálová Companion

Karla Hartl Author
Jindri?ka Bártová Contributor

Music Wars

John C. Hajduk Author

Rhythm and Blues Goes Calypso

Timothy Dodge Author

Jazz and Postwar French Identity

Elizabeth Vihlen McGregor Author

U2 Above, Across, and Beyond

For the Record: Lexington Studies in Rock and Popular Music (Series)

Scott D. Calhoun Editor
Matt Hamilton Contributor

Lyrical Nationalism in...

Wendi A. Haugh Author

Singing, Soldiering, and...

Christina Gier Author

Vinyl Records and Analog...

Paul E. Winters Author

Hip Hop and Social Change in...

Msia Kibona Clark Editor
Mickie Mwanzia Koster Editor

Re-creating Paul Bowles, the...

Raj Chandarlapaty Author

Song and Social Change in...

Lauren E. Shaw Editor
Carmelo Esterrich Contributor

The Emergence of the U.S....

Brandon L. Haskett Author

Perspectives on Artistic...

Robert Burke Editor
Andrys Onsman Editor

The Paraguayan Harp

Alfredo Colman Author

The Neapolitan Canzone in the...

Pasquale Scialò Editor
Francesca Seller Editor

Desi Rap

Ajay Nair Editor
Murali Balaji Editor


Clive McClelland Author

Punk Record Labels and the...

Alan O'Connor Author

Bob Dylan in Performance

Keith Nainby Author
John M. Radosta Author

From Factory Girls to K-Pop...

For the Record: Lexington Studies in Rock and Popular Music (Series)

Gooyong Kim Author
Douglas Kellner Author of introduction, etc.

Rock and Romanticism

For the Record: Lexington Studies in Rock and Popular Music (Series)

James Rovira Editor
David Boocker Contributor

Theory and Method in...

Jonathan McCollum Editor
David G. Hebert Editor

The Legacy of Tanzanian...

Frank Gunderson Author
Hassan Rehani Bitchuka Author of introduction, etc.

Youth and Rock in the Soviet...

William Jay Risch Editor
Jonathyne Briggs Contributor

Music, Theology, and Justice

Michael O'Connor Editor
Hyun-Ah Kim Editor

Secular Music, Sacred Space

April Stace Author

Artistic Creation

Jeff Mitscherling Author
Paul Fairfield Author

The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper, and...

For the Record: Lexington Studies in Rock and Popular Music (Series)

Kenneth Womack Editor
Kathryn B. Cox Editor

Modernity, Complex Societies,...

Charlotte Vignau Author

Death Metal and Music Criticism

Michelle Phillipov Author

Heavy Metal Music and the...

Nelson Varas-Díaz Editor
Niall Scott Editor

Andreas Werckmeister's...

Contextual Bach Studies (Series)

Dietrich Bartel Other