Both Prayed to the Same God

Robert J. Miller Author
James M. McPherson Author of introduction, etc.

The Power of Neuroplasticity...

Kirk A. Bingaman Author

The Power of Unearned Suffering

Religion and Race (Series)

Mika Edmondson Author

Africana Islamic Studies

The Africana Experience and Critical Leadership Studies (Series)

James L. Conyers Jr. Editor
Abul Pitre Editor

The Blessing of Life

Brian Kane Author

Early Daoist Dietary Practices

Shawn Arthur Author

Takfir in Islamic Thought

Hussam S. Timani Author

The Transformative Power of...

Erin Dufault-Hunter Author

The Angel in Annunciation and...

Tammy L. Montgomery Author

Why Study Talmud in the...

Paul Socken Editor
Elizabeth Shanks Alexander Contributor

History vs. Apologetics

David Cymet Author

The Catholic Church in...

David Carroll Cochran Editor
John C. Waldmeir Editor

Faith and Liberty

Alejandro A. Chafuen Author

The Anthropology of Eastern...

Murray J. Leaf Author

Letting the Other Speak

Tracy Hartman Author

Entrepreneurship in the...

Anthony G. Percy Author

The Anthropology of Western...

Murray J. Leaf Author

Rastafari Reasoning and the...

Critical Africana Studies (Series)

Jeanne Christensen Author

A Nation Can Rise No Higher...

Bayyinah S. Jeffries Author

The Church and the Market

Thomas E. Woods Jr. Author

Prayer Shawl Ministries and...

Donna Bowman Author

Closing Chapters

Thomas G. Welsh Author

Political Symbols in Russian...

Lee Trepanier Author

Byzantine Rome and the Greek...

Andrew J. Ekonomou Author

The Human Relationship to Nature

Matthew R. Foster Author

The Rhetorical Leadership of...

Timothy H. Sherwood Author

Melancholy and the Otherness...

Alina Feld Author

The Social and Political...

Thomas R. Rourke Author

Liberty, Wisdom, and Grace

John P. Hittinger Author

Vocation and the Politics of...

Jeffrey Scholes Author

Augustine and Politics

John Doody Editor
Kim Paffenroth Editor

An Introduction to...

Scott Gambrill Sinclair Author

Natural Law

Alberto M. Piedra Author

Disciplining Freud on Religion

Greg Kaplan Editor
William Parsons Editor

Islamicate Societies

Husain Kassim Author

Jewish Feminism

Feminist Studies and Sacred Texts (Series)

Esther Fuchs Author


Don Swenson Author

Biblical Economic Ethics

Albino Barrera Author

The First Great Awakening in...

Lisa Smith Author

Religious Vitality in...

Ethnographies of Religion (Series)

Mark Killian Author

Wealth, Health, and Hope in...

Stan Chu Ilo Editor
Esther Acolatse Author of introduction, etc.

Nature's Transcendence and...

Jea Sophia Oh Editor
Marilynn Lawrence Editor

Judaism And Environmental Ethics

Martin D. Yaffe Editor

Natural Law and Evangelical...

Jesse Covington Editor
Bryan T. McGraw Editor

Early Islam and the Birth of...

Benedikt Koehler Author

Textual Criticism and Qur'an...

Keith E. Small Author

The Religion of White...

Religion and Race (Series)

Eric Weed Author