The Grand Strategy that Won...

Douglas E. Streusand Editor
Norman A. Bailey Editor

African American Identity

Jas M. Sullivan Editor
Ashraf Esmail Editor

Both Prayed to the Same God

Robert J. Miller Author
James M. McPherson Author of introduction, etc.

China's Last Imperial Frontier

Xiuyu Wang Author

Wilbur Schramm and Noam...

Critical Media Studies (Series)

Robert E. Babe Author

After the Girls Club

Carole Bell Ford Author

Lincoln's Enduring Legacy

William D. Pederson Editor
Frank J. Williams Editor

Modern China and the New World

Randall Doyle Author
Zhang Boshu Author

Entrepreneurialism and...

Jamie Gillen Author

The 1956 Suez War and the New...

Yagil Henkin Author

James Larkin Pearson

Gregory S. Taylor Author

American Democracy

Justin P. DePlato Editor
Kyle Hodge Author

Don't Stop Thinking About the...

Benjamin S. Schoening Author
Eric T. Kasper Author

The Rhetoric of Genocide

Lexington Studies in Political Communication (Series)

Ben Voth Author

Veterans of Future Wars

Donald W. Whisenhunt Author

Guiana and the Shadows of Empire

Joshua R. Hyles Author

Is the West in Decline?

Benjamin M. Rowland Editor
Hannes Adomeit Contributor

Visits with Lincoln

Barbara A. White Author

If You Knew the Conditions'

David N. DeJong Author

The History of Street Gangs...

James C. Howell Author

The Southern Rock Revival

Jason T. Eastman Author

Between Utopia and Dystopia

Hanan Yoran Author

When the Letter Betrays the...

Tyson D. King-Meadows Author

Working Class Heroes

David Simonelli Author

The Catholic Church in...

David Carroll Cochran Editor
John C. Waldmeir Editor

Black Muslims and the Law

Critical Africana Studies (Series)

Malachi D. Crawford Author

Nuclear Tsunami

Richard Krooth Author
Morris Edelson Author

The Gender Vendors

A. L. Jones Author

China's Strategic...

Yanran Xu Author

Resilient Borders and...

New Studies in Modern Japan (Series)

Koichi Iwabuchi Author

Readings in Caribbean History...

D. A. Dunkley Author
Dalea Bean Contributor

The Prague Spring and the...

The Harvard Cold War Studies Book (Series)

Günter Bischof Editor
Stefan Karner Editor

Russian Tales of Demonic...

Marcia A. Morris Author

Russia and Its Northeast...

Kimitaka Matsuzato Editor
Masafumi Asada Contributor

Writing and Filming the...

Alexandre Dauge-Roth Author

A Nation Can Rise No Higher...

Bayyinah S. Jeffries Author

Mr. Science and Chairman...

Chunjuan Nancy Wei Editor
Darryl E. Brock Editor

Aldous Huxley

Politics, Literature, & Film (Series)

Alessandro Maurini Author

The Balkans and the Byzantine...

Byzantium: a European Empire and Its Legacy (Series)

Vlada Stanković Editor
Ivan Biliarsky Contributor

Kazakhstan in the Making

Contemporary Central Asia: Societies, Politics, and Cultures (Series)

Marlene Laruelle Editor
Ulan Bigozhin Contributor

Relief Work as Pilgrimage

M. J. Heisey Author
Nancy Heisey Author

Matter and Form

Ann Ward Editor
Douglas Al-Maini Contributor

The Supreme Court against the...

John A. Murley Author
Sean D. Sutton Author

Medical Licensing and...

David A. Johnson Author
Humayun J. Chaudhry Author

Incarcerated Women

Erica Rhodes Hayden Editor
Theresa R. Jach Editor

Justice as Right Actions

Young S. Kim Author

Patrick Henry-Onslow Debate

H. Lee Cheek Jr. Editor
Sean R. Busick Editor

Dwight Eisenhower and...

Richard M. Filipink Jr. Author