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The First Great Political...

Roger Boesche Author

Essays on Ayn Rand's Atlas...

Robert Mayhew Editor
Michael S. Berliner Contributor

Nietzsche and Classical Greek...

Daw-Nay N. R. Evans Jr. Author

Understanding Abortion

Stephen D. Schwarz Author
Kiki Latimer Author

Aesthetic Transcendentalism...

American Philosophy (Series)

Nicholas Guardiano Author

The Blessing of Life

Brian Kane Author

Beyond Mechanism

Brian G. Henning Author
Adam Scarfe Author

Zhang Zai's Philosophy of Qi

Jung-Yeup Kim Author

De-signing Design

TEXTURES: Philosophy / Literature / Culture (Series)

Elizabeth Grierson Editor
Harriet Edquist Editor

Buddhist Responses to...

Leah Kalmanson Editor
James Mark Shields Editor

Nietzsche and Zen

van der Andre Braak Author

The Constitution Under Social...

Antonio Rosmini Author
Alberto Mingardi Translator

War Is Not Inevitable

Henri Parens Author

Subjects and Simulations

Anne O'Byrne Editor
Hugh J. Silverman Editor

The Antipodean Philosopher

Graham Oppy Editor
N. N. Trakakis Editor

Agamben and the Signature of...

Paul Colilli Author

Rastafari Reasoning and the...

Critical Africana Studies (Series)

Jeanne Christensen Author

The Capitalist Schema

Christian Lotz Author

Adorno on Politics after...

Gary A. Mullen Author

Aldous Huxley

Politics, Literature, & Film (Series)

Alessandro Maurini Author

The Role Ethics of Epictetus

Brian E. Johnson Author

Situational Traits of Character

Candace L. Upton Author

Same-Sex Marriage in the...

Jason Pierceson Editor
Adriana Piatti-Crocker Editor

Body Matters

James Aho Author
Kevin Aho Author

Marx, Tocqueville, and Race...

August H. Nimtz Jr. Author

A History of Habit

Tom Sparrow Editor
Adam Hutchinson Editor

Frantz Fanon, My Brother

Critical Africana Studies (Series)

Daniel Nethery Translator
Joby Fanon Author

Darwinian Evolution and...

Stephen C. Dilley Editor
Logan Paul Gage Contributor

Philosophy Imprisoned

Sarah Tyson Editor
Joshua M. Hall Editor

The Legitimacy of Miracle

Robert A. Larmer Author

What Is a Public Education...

Philosophy and Cultural Identity (Series)

Walter Feinberg Author

The Christian Heritage

George Anastaplo Author
Martin E. Marty Author of introduction, etc.

Wittgenstein at the Movies

Béla Szabados Editor
Christina Stojanova Editor

Strangers to Nature

Gregory R. Smulewicz-Zucker Editor
Drucilla Cornell Contributor

Aesthetics and Modernity

John Rundell Editor

Reading Rivers in Roman...

Prudence J. Jones Author

Becoming Nietzsche

Paul A. Swift Author

Forbidden Aesthetics, Ethical...

Emmanouil Aretoulakis Author

Defining Sport

Studies in Philosophy of Sport (Series)

Shawn E. Klein Editor
Shawn E. Klein Contributor

Excellence Unleashed

Paul J. Rasmussen Author

Exploring the Illusion of...

Gregg D. Caruso Editor
Susan Blackmore Contributor

The Kyoto School's Takeover...

Peter Suares Author

Classical Indian Philosophy...

Kisor Kumar Chakrabarti Author

The Antipodean Philosopher

Graham Oppy Author
John Bigelow Contributor

Interaction and Everyday Life

Hisashi Nasu Editor
Frances Chaput Waksler Editor

Another Phenomenology of...

Xunwu Chen Author

The Human Relationship to Nature

Matthew R. Foster Author