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Essays on Ayn Rand's Atlas...

Robert Mayhew Editor
Michael S. Berliner Contributor

HBO's Girls and the Awkward...

Elwood Watson Editor
Jennifer Mitchell Editor

Hardcore, Punk, and Other Junk

Eric James Abbey Editor
Colin Helb Editor

Women and Islam

Ibtissam Bouachrine Author

Changing Bodies in the...

Gregory Jerome Hampton Author

T.S. Eliot, Poetry, and Earth

Ecocritical Theory and Practice (Series)

Etienne Terblanche Author

Reading Contemporary African...

Beauty Bragg Author

Women Writing Nature

Barbara Cook Editor

James Larkin Pearson

Gregory S. Taylor Author

On Brokeback Mountain

Eric Patterson Author

Giorgio Strehler Directs...

Scott Malia Author


Aaron M. Moe Author

C.S. Lewis, Poetry, and the...

John Bremer Author

Russian Tales of Demonic...

Marcia A. Morris Author

Hip-Hop within and without...

Karen Snell Author
Johan Söderman Author

Capitalism and Commerce in...

Capitalist Thought: Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Series)

Edward W. Younkins Editor
Andrew Bernstein Contributor

Subjects and Simulations

Anne O'Byrne Editor
Hugh J. Silverman Editor

Pride and Profit

Capitalist Thought: Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Series)

Cecil E. Bohanon Author
Michelle Albert Vachris Author

Essays on Ayn Rand's The...

Robert Mayhew Editor

Naming Jhumpa Lahiri

Lavina Dhingra Editor
Floyd Cheung Editor

The Commerce of Peoples

Biman Basu Author

The Aesthetic of Revolution...

Nathaniel Greenberg Author

Western Art and Jewish...

Graven Images (Series)

Esther Cameron Author

A Spiritual Bloomsbury

Antony Copley Author

Educating through Popular...

Edward A. Janak Editor
Ludovic A. Sourdot Editor

Hamlet's Problematic Revenge

William F. Zak Author

Voices of Exile in...

Elizabeth F. Dahab Author

The Geographical Imagination...

Alex Hunt Editor
Elizabeth Abele Contributor

Thinking about Animals in the...

Ecocritical Theory and Practice (Series)

Morten Tønnessen Editor
Kristin Armstrong Oma Editor

Poems Containing History

Gary Grieve-Carlson Author

Re-reading Derrida

Tony Thwaites Editor
Judith Seaboyer Editor

Unveiling Whiteness in the...

Veronica Watson Editor
Deirdre Howard-Wagner Editor

Once Iron Girls

Hui Wu Editor

William Blake's Religious Vision

Jennifer Jesse Author

Another Phenomenology of...

Xunwu Chen Author

Recovering 1940s Horror Cinema

Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare Editor
Charlie Ellbé Editor

France and Indochina

Kathryn Robson Editor
Jennifer Yee Editor

Frankétienne and Rewriting

Rachel Douglas Author

Collective Memory

Jo McCormack Author

Borrowed Imagination

Samar Attar Author

The Visual Poetics of Raymond...

Ayala Amir Author

In Search of Humanity

Andrea Radasanu Editor
Ryan Balot Contributor

New International Voices in...

Ecocritical Theory and Practice (Series)

Serpil Oppermann Editor
Scott Slovic Author of introduction, etc.

Afterlives of Romantic...

Leena Eilittä Editor
Catherine Riccio-Berry Editor

Women's Poetry and Poetics in...

Haihong Yang Author

Finite Transcendence

Steven A. Burr Author

Liberalization and Culture in...

Ari Ofengenden Author

Qur'an and the Lyric Imperative

Richard Serrano Author