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Federalism, the Supreme Court...

Ralph A. Rossum Author

Rethinking the Law of Armed...

Christopher Ford Editor
Amichai Cohen Editor

Approaching the U.S....

Kerry L. Hunter Author

New Media, Old Regimes

Lyombe S. Eko Author

Trials and Tribulations of...

Henry F. Carey Editor
Stacey M. Mitchell Editor

Tax Law and Racial Economic...

Andre L. Smith Author

Freedom of Speech and the...

Michael Donnelly Author

Government at Work

Sunil Ahuja Editor
Robert Dewhirst Editor

American Constitutionalism,...

Patrick N. Cain Editor
David Ramsey Editor

Law, Economics, and Game Theory

John Cirace Author

Campaign Finance Complexity

Mary Jo McGowan Shepherd Author

Efficient Macro Concept

William Mannen Author

The Integration of the UCLA...

Miguel Espinoza Author

Hermeneutics in the Genre of...

Husain Kassim Author

Democratizing Legal Services

Laura Snyder Author

The U.S. Supreme Court and...

Stephen A. Simon Author

Language Rights and the Law...

Eduardo Faingold Author

Bill Ratliff

Robert Edward Sterken Jr. Author

Reproductive Rights in New...

Jonathan F. Parent Author

Local Governments in...

Robert Agranoff Author

Threat Perceptions

Saran Ghatak Author

The Conservative Revolution...

David A. Schultz Editor
Howard Schweber Editor

Human Rights in Nigeria's...

African Governance and Development (Series)

Philip Aka Author

Women's Social and Legal...

Victoria M. Time Author
Timothy Austin Author of introduction, etc.

Latinos and the Voting Rights...

Henry Flores Author

Applying Anthropology to...

Jennifer R. Wies Editor
Hillary J. Haldane Editor

The Safeguard of Liberty and...

Guy F. Burnett Author

The Article V Amendatory...

Thomas E. Brennan Author

Academic Freedom at American...

Philip Lee Author

Chinese Language in Law

Deborah Cao Author

Reducing Race Differences in...

Stephany De Scisciolo Author
Teresa L. Scheid Author

Policing and Race in America

James D. Ward Editor
Domonic Bearfield Contributor

Dignity as a Human Right?

George P. Smith Author

Toleration on Trial

Ingrid Creppell Editor
Stephen Macedo Editor

Ethnicity, Gender, and Diversity

Peter Robson Editor
Jennifer L. Schulz Editor

The Santillana Codes

Dan E. Stigall Author

How Can So Many Be Wrong?

Margaret A. Hagen Author
(Sophie) Hee (Sophie) (Sophie) Yang Author

Progressive Lawyers under Siege

Colin Wark Author
John F. Galliher Author

The Supreme Court, the...

Steven T. Seitz Author

Property Ownership and...

Spring Su Author

Locke's Political Thought and...

Sarah Pemberton Author


Krzysztof Szczucki Author
Piotr Sitnik Translator

China's and Italy's...

Andrea de Guttry Editor
Emanuele Sommario Editor

Tax Law and the Environment

Roberta F. Mann Editor
Tracey M. Roberts Editor

Storm Over the Constitution

Harry V. Jaffa Author

Street-Level Sovereignty

Sarah Marusek Editor
John Brigham Editor

The Senate and the People of...

James T. McHugh Author

Discourses on Violence and...

Krešimir Petković Author