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The Castle on Sunset

Shawn Levy Author

Never Enough

Judith Grisel Author

The Personality Brokers

Merve Emre Author

Women's Work

Megan K. Stack Author

The White Darkness

David Grann Author

Heirs of the Founders

H. W. Brands Author

There's a Mystery There

Jonathan Cott Author

Street Poison

Justin Gifford Author

The Man Who Invented the...

Jane Smiley Author

Crusade in Europe

Dwight D. Eisenhower Author

Maya Angelou

Marcia Ann Gillespie Author
Rosa Johnson Butler Author

Madame Curie

Eve Curie Author

The Orphan Brigade

William C. Davis Author

What a Difference a Dog Makes

Dana Jennings Author

Walking with Jack

Don J. Snyder Author

Blue Sky Dream

David Beers Author

Emily Dickinson

Cynthia Griffin Wolff Author

The White and the Gold

Thomas B. Costain Author

Diary of a Napoleonic...

Jakob Walter Author

Fighting the Flying Circus

Captain Eddie V. Rickenbacker Author

The Bus

Jerome Bettis Author
Gene Wojciechowski Author

The Strong Man

James Rosen Author

Hitler's Social Revolution

David Schoenbaum Author

Waiting For the Morning Train

Bruce Catton Author

A Good Forest for Dying

Patrick Beach Author

The Kennedys at War

Edward J. Renehan, Jr. Author

The Natural

Joe Klein Author

The UN Gang

Pedro Sanjuan Author

The Lady's Handbook for Her...

Sarah Ramey Author


Barry Goldwater Author

The Mountain of the Women

Liam Clancy Author

Chasin the Trane

J.C. Thomas Author

Until the Sea Shall Free Them

Robert Frump Author

The Promise

Oral Lee Brown Author
Caille Millner Author

A Mind that Found Itself

Clifford Whittingham Beers Author


Tom Connor Author

Nabeel's Song

Jo Tatchell Author

A Unit of Water, a Unit of Time

Douglas Whynott Author

Slow but Sure

Sandra Dalka-Prysby Author

The Other Side

Vincent Panella Author

The Shadow of God

Charles Scribner III Author

All the Wrong Moves

Sasha Chapin Author

The Ministry of Truth

Dorian Lynskey Author


Ivan Felt Author
Harris Conklin Author

Running to the Edge

Matthew Futterman Author

Kimono Mind

Bernard Rudofsky Author

Pounding the Rock

Marc Skelton Author

Olga's Story

Stephanie Williams Author