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Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu

Joshua Hammer Author
Paul Boehmer Narrator

The Silk Roads

Peter Frankopan Author
Laurence Kennedy Narrator

The Greater Journey

David McCullough Author and narrator
Edward Hermann Narrator

Unfamiliar Fishes

Sarah Vowell Author and narrator
Fred Armisen Narrator

Putin Country

Anne Garrels Author
Anne Garrels Narrator

The Women of the Cousins' War

Philippa Gregory Author
David Baldwin Author

How to Be a Tudor

Ruth Goodman Author
Heather Wilds Narrator

NPR American Chronicles

NPR Author
NPR Narrator

D-Day: June 6, 1944

Stephen Ambrose Author
Jesse Boggs Narrator

The Guns At Last Light

Rick Atkinson Author
L. J. Ganser Narrator

The Apache Wars

Paul Andrew Hutton Author
Jonathan Yen Narrator

Presidents Club

Nancy Gibbs Author
Michael Duffy Author

Gateway to Freedom

Eric Foner Author
J.D. Jackson Narrator

From Silk to Silicon

Jeffrey E. Garten Author
Tom Perkins Narrator

Big Science

Michael Hiltzik Author
Bob Souer Narrator

Our Man in Charleston

Christopher Dickey Author
Antony Ferguson Narrator

Dead Presidents

Brady Carlson Author
Tom Zingarelli Narrator

The King and Queen of Malibu

David K. Randall Author
Eric Summerer Narrator

The Other Paris

Luc Sante Author
Luc Sante Narrator


Nikolaus Wachsmann Author
Paul Hodgson Narrator

The Struggle for Sea Power

Sam Willis Author
Derek Perkins Narrator

Empire of Cotton

Sven Beckert Author
Jim Frangione Narrator

The Statesman and the...

Mark Zwonitzer Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

In Europe's Shadow

Robert D. Kaplan Author
Paul Boehmer Narrator

Last Call

Daniel Okrent Author
Richard Poe Narrator

The Great Departure

Tara Zahra Author
Elizabeth Wiley Narrator

Everything Explained That Is...

Denis Boyles Author
Corrie James Narrator

The King Years

Taylor Branch Author
Leslie Odom, Jr. Narrator

The Ghost Warriors

Samuel M. Katz Author
Peter Ganim Narrator

Let the People Rule

Geoffrey Cowan Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

The Brilliant Disaster

Jim Rasenberger Author
Bob Walter Narrator

American Character

Colin Woodard Author
Jonathan Yen Narrator

Jefferson's America

Julie M. Fenster Author
John Pruden Narrator

Dark Places of the Earth

Jonathan M. Bryant Author
Tom Zingarelli Narrator

Mourning Lincoln

Martha Hodes Author
Donna Postel Narrator

Bitter Freedom

Maurice Walsh Author
Michael Heely Narrator

Horse Soldiers

Doug Stanton Author
Jack Garrett Narrator

500 Days

Kurt Eichenwald Author
Holter Graham Narrator

Tom Paine's Iron Bridge

Edward G. Gray Author
Tom Perkins Narrator

The Man Who Would Not Be...

Jonathan Horn Author
David Drummond Narrator

Lincoln's Body

Richard Wightman Fox Author
Pete Larkin Narrator

My Thoughts Be Bloody

Nora Titone Author
John Bedford Lloyd Narrator

The Day Lincoln Was Shot

Jim Bishop Author
Nelson Runger Narrator

Northern Armageddon

D. Peter MacLeod Author
Tom Perkins Narrator

The Center Holds

Jonathan Alter Author and narrator


Joe Richman Author
Joe Richman Narrator