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World Order

Henry Kissinger Author
Nicholas Hormann Narrator

Prague Winter

Madeleine Albright Author
Madeleine Albright Narrator

On China

Henry Kissinger Author
Nicholas Hormann Narrator


Nick Offerman Author
Nick Offerman Narrator

The War That Ended Peace

Margaret Macmillan Author
Richard Burnip Narrator

The Assault on Reason

Al Gore Author
Will Patton Narrator

A Common Struggle

Patrick J. Kennedy Author
Stephen Fried Author

Worthy Fights

Leon Panetta Author
Jim Newton Author

The Age of Turbulence

Alan Greenspan Author
Robertson Dean Narrator

Why Wall Street Matters

William D. Cohan Author
Rob Shapiro Narrator

Fallen Founder

Nancy Isenberg Author
Scott Brick Narrator

The Brothers

Masha Gessen Author
Hillary Huber Narrator


Benazir Bhutto Author
Rita Wolf Narrator

Write It When I'm Gone

Thomas M. DeFrank Author
Scott Brick Narrator

The Audacity to Win

David Plouffe Author
Erik Davies Narrator

A Simple Government

Mike Huckabee Author
Mike Huckabee Narrator


Ian Bremmer Author
Willis Sparks Narrator

The Democracy Project

David Graeber Author
Grover Gardner Narrator

The World is My Home

James A. Michener Author
Alexander Adams Narrator

Free Lunch

David Cay Johnston Author
David Cay Johnston Narrator

Rebel in Chief

Fred Barnes Author
Fred Barnes Narrator


Maureen Dowd Author
Kathe Mazur Narrator


Kofi Annan Author
Nader Mousavizadeh Author