Sarah Crossan Author

Let Us Descend

Jesmyn Ward Author
Jesmyn Ward Narrator


Amy Acre Author
Amy Acre Narrator

One Last Thing

Wendy Mitchell Author
Wendy Mitchell Narrator

Sidney Chambers and the...

Grantchester (Series)

James Runcie Author
Joe Jameson Narrator

The American Revolution

Essential Histories (Series)

Daniel Marston Author
Matthew Hendrickson Narrator

The Gardener of Lashkar Gah

Larisa Brown Author
Olivia Dowd Narrator

The Globemakers

Peter Bellerby Author
Simon Ludders Narrator

The Hundred Years War

Essential Histories (Series)

Anne Curry Author
Lucy Tregear Narrator

The Northern Ireland Troubles

Essential Histories (Series)

Aaron Edwards Author
Stephen Armstrong Narrator

The Vanquishers

The Vanquishers (Series)

Kalynn Bayron Author
Ecstasia Sanders Narrator

The Wind Knows My Name

Isabel Allende Author
Edoardo Ballerini Narrator

We Are All Astronauts

Kate Pankhurst Author
Kate Pankhurst Illustrator

The Bone Season

The Bone Season (Series)

Samantha Shannon Author
Alana Kerr Collins Narrator

Death Valley

Melissa Broder Author
Melissa Broder Narrator

Fives and Twenty-Fives

Michael Pitre Author
Fajer Al-Kaisi Narrator

Hunting the Falcon

John Guy Author
Julia Fox Author

The Forgotten Sisters

Princess Academy (Series)

Shannon Hale Author
Mandi Lee Narrator

Small Steps

Holes (Series)

Louis Sachar Author
Curtis McClarin Narrator


Robert Goodwin Author
Jeremy Clyde Narrator

The Big Bang of Numbers

Manil Suri Author
Sid Sagar Narrator

The Big Dreaming

Michael Rosen Author
Daniel Egnéus Illustrator

The Cultural Revolution

Frank Dikötter Author
Daniel York Loh Narrator

The Tragedy of Liberation

Frank Dikötter Author
Daniel York Loh Narrator

The Wives of Los Alamos

TaraShea Nesbit Author
Tavia Gilbert Narrator

Unfinished Woman

Robyn Davidson Author
Kerry Fox Narrator

Operation Car Wash

Jorge Pontes Author
Marcio Anselmo Author

West Heart Kill

Dann McDorman Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator

Wild Camping

Stephen Neale Author
Ed Stafford Author of introduction, etc.

A Cold Spell

Max Leonard Author
Tom Lawrence Narrator

Barry Cryer

Bob Cryer Author
Sandi Toksvig Author of introduction, etc.


Femi Kayode Author
Cary Hite Narrator


Anne Michaels Author
Anne Michaels Narrator


Joshua Bennett Author
Joshua Bennett Narrator

Slow Seasons

Rosie Steer Author
Rosie Steer Narrator

The Rest is History

Goalhanger Podcasts Author
Tom Holland Author

A New History of Life

Peter Ward Author
Joe Kirschvink Author

Fridays with the Wizards

Castle Glower (Series)

Jessica Day George Author


Sarah Crossan Author

We Come Apart

Sarah Crossan Author
Brian Conaghan Author


Mat Baynton Author
Simon Farnaby Author

The Grief House

Rebecca Thorne Author
Christina Cole Narrator

State of Wonder

Ann Patchett Author
Hope Davis Narrator

I Am Somebody

David Masciotra Author
Vaughn Johseph Narrator

The Future of Language

Philip Seargeant Author
Esh Alladi Narrator

The Stuff of Life

Timothy Morton Author
Timothy Morton Narrator

A Beautiful Pint

Ian Ryan Author
Zebadiah Keneally Illustrator

Magic Spirit the Dream Horse

Tilly's Pony Tails (Series)

Pippa Funnell Author
Pippa Funnell Narrator

Saturdays at Sea

Tuesdays at the Castle (Series)

Jessica Day George Author

Sons of Darkness

Gourav Mohanty Author
Homer Todiwala Narrator