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Chanda's Secrets

Chanda Series

Book 1

Allan Stratton Author

War Brothers

Sharon McKay Author
Daniel Lafrance Illustrator


Ursula Poznanski Author
Judith Pattinson Translator

The Dirt Eaters

Longlight Legacy Series

Book 1

Dennis Foon Author


Edeet Ravel Author

Leslie's Journal

Allan Stratton Author

The Hangman in the Mirror

Kate Cayley Author

The Apprentice's Masterpiece

Melanie Little Author

The Disappearance

Gillian Chan Author

Cry of the Giraffe

Judie Oron Author

Double or Nothing

Dennis Foon Author

My Parents Are Sex Maniacs

Robyn Harding Author


David Jones Author

Train Wreck

Malin Lindroth Author

The Biker's Brother

Peter Edwards Author