Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales (Series)

Book 8

Nathan Hale Author

The Faithful Spy

John Hendrix Author

The Downtown Pop Underground

Kembrew McLeod Author

Susan B. Anthony

The Making of America (Series)

Teri Kanefield Author

Ten Drugs

Thomas Hager Author

Muslims of the World

Sajjad Shah Author
Iman Mahoui Author

O Captain, My Captain

Robert Burleigh Author
Sterling Hundley Illustrator

No One Man Should Have All...

Amos Barshad Author

China: A History

The Field Museum Author
Cheryl Bardoe Author

Bach to the Rescue!!!

Tom Angleberger Author
Chris Eliopolous Illustrator

The Great Great Wall

Ian Volner Author

The Eye That Never Sleeps

Marissa Moss Author
Jeremy Holmes Illustrator

Rocket to the Moon!

Big Ideas That Changed the World (Series)

Book 1

Don Brown Author

Blood, Oil and the Axis

John Broich Author

Good Trouble

Christopher Noxon Author