Guided Inquiry

Carol C. Kuhlthau Author
Leslie K. Maniotes Author

Challenge-Based Learning in...

Colleen Graves Author
Aaron Graves Author

The Vaccine Controversy

Kurt Link M.D. Author

iPads® in the Library

Joel A. Nichols Author

Your Library Is the Answer

Christina T. Russo Author
Cathy Swan Author

Present Like a Pro

Carl Hausman Author

Stephen King

Tony Magistrale Author

Green Collar Jobs

Scott M. Deitche Author


Brian L. Steed Author

Personal Finance

Barbara Friedberg Editor

Freedom Without Borders

Hoyt L. Barber Author

Creating Makers

Megan Egbert Author

North Korea under Kim Chong-il

Praeger Security International (Series)

Ken E. Gause Author

Daily Life in Victorian England

Daily Life (Series)

Sally Mitchell Author

Social Media Playbook for...

Tom Funk Author

Children's Literature in Action

Library and Information Science Text (Series)

Sylvia M. Vardell Author

Integrating Young Adult...

Rachel L. Wadham Author
Jon W. Ostenson Author

Rethinking Collection...

Becky Albitz Editor
Christine Avery Editor

The Indispensable Librarian

Douglas A. Johnson Author

A History of Modern...

Pamela Spence Richards Editor
Wayne A. Wiegand Editor

Handbook of Norse Mythology

World Mythology (Series)

John Lindow Author


Susan W. Alman Editor
Jennifer Jumba Editor

Teaching STEM and Common Core...

Anastasia Suen Author
Shirley L. Duke Author


Greenwood Guides to Extreme Sports (Series)

Becky Beal Author

History of American Cooking

Merril D. Smith Author

All Is Clouded by Desire

International and Comparative Criminology (Series)

Alan A. Block Author
Constance A. Weaver Author

Mary Higgins Clark

Linda De Roche Author

Small Business Smarts

Steve O'Leary Author
Kim Sheehan Author

Stonewall Jackson

Greenwood Biographies (Series)

Ethan S. Rafuse Author

The Library Catalogue as...

Laurel Tarulli Author

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Michael J. Cholbi Editor

Floating Collections

Wendy K. Bartlett Author

Free Voluntary Reading

Stephen D. Krashen Author

Sequoyah and the Invention of...

Landmarks of the American Mosaic (Series)

April R. Summitt Author

A Guided Inquiry Approach to...

Libraries Unlimited Guided Inquiry (Series)

Randell K. Schmidt Author

The Right to Die

Contemporary World Issues (Series)

Howard Ball Author

Proud Heritage

Chuck Stewart Editor
Chuck Stewart Author

Make It Here

Matthew Hamilton Author
Dara Hanke Schmidt Author

Understanding to Kill a...

The Greenwood Press "Literature in Context" Series

Claudia Durst Johnson Author

Cooking Up Library Programs...

Libraries Unlimited Professional Guides for Young Adult Librarians (Series)

Megan Emery Schadlich Author

Library Robotics

Sarah Kepple Author

The Entrepreneur's Guide to...

The Entrepreneur's Guide (Series)

David Worrell Author

Daily Life During the Salem...

Daily Life (Series)

K. David Goss Author

Planet of the Grapes

Robert Sechrist Author

Humor and Information Literacy

Joshua Vossler Author
Scott Sheidlower Author

Crash Course in Storytime...

Crash Course (Series)

Penny Peck Author


Sex, Love, and Psychology (Series)

Marianne Brandon Ph.D Author

Becoming Your Own Business Coach

George W. Watts Author